Reef Environmental Education Foundation Celebrates 20 Years of Marine Conservation Success

1993: The year the World Wide Web was born, Jurassic Park debuted in theaters, and Beanie Babies hit the shelves. REEF members also began surveying fish populations in ’93, but unlike boy bands and other fads of the mid-nineties, REEF surveying is still around and thriving.

This August, ocean enthusiasts will gather in Key Largo to celebrate one of the longest standing marine conservation programs for divers: REEF’s Volunteer Survey Project. Twenty years ago, REEF began conducting fish surveys with the help of pioneering citizen scientists. Since that time, volunteer divers have completed over 170,000 fish surveys, contributing to the world’s largest marine life sightings database. Researchers, educators, and policy makers rely on these data to better understand reef fish populations and to implement effective conservation measures.

To celebrate two decades of conservation success, REEF is hosting four days of diving, learning, and festivities. You’re invited! Join other “afishionados” for fish surveying, lionfish hunting, and wreck diving. Listen to exhilarating seminars presented by renowned underwater photographers Paul Humann, Ned DeLoach, and Anna DeLoach. Dive with the directors of REEF’s Invasive Lionfish and Grouper Moon Programs, or buddy up with REEF’s distinguished Board of Trustees. Contribute to citizen science and experience the camaraderie of the REEF community. Visit for more information.

 Who:, big names in scuba diving, and you!
 What: Four days of diving, free seminars, snorkeling, kayaking, and social events
 When: August 8 - 11, 2013
 Where: Key Largo, Florida
 Why: REEF's Volunteer Survey Project turns 20 years old!

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