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REEF's survey forms or scanforms are the key to our success in assembling the most comprehensive fish database available.  They are the only thing you must have to participate in REEF's Fish Survey Project and we distribute them free. 

You can get scanforms through our online store, from REEF Field Stations, or by emailing REEF HQ.  When ordering more forms, please be sure to indicate what geographic area you want:

Tropical Western Atlantic (Caribbean, Florida, Bahamas, Gulf of Mexico, Mid-Atlantic States)
Northeast US and Canada (Virginia - Newfoundland)
West Coast* (California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia)
Tropical Eastern Pacific (Gulf of California to the Galapagos Islands)
Hawaiian Islands

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*A new West Coast REEF scanform will be released in summer 2001 to accommodate the new Living REEF Project invertebrate monitoring program. Although one form will be used for the entire area from California to BC, invertebrate surveys can only be conducted in Oregon, Washington, and BC.  The new West Coast scanform no longer includes the time code abundance estimates. This method was being tested in California and has been phased out.  Older versions of the West Coast scanform can still be used to submit data and all scanforms should be sent to REEF HQ in Florida. For more information on the invertebrate program, click here.

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