Zone code cip: cip

Zone CodeNameHave Coordinates?
1Northern Australia
11Great Barrier Reef
1101Cape Grenville GBR Sector
1102Princess Charlotte Bay GBR Sector
1103Cooktown/Lizard Island GBR Sector
11030001Carter ReefNo - report
11030002No Name ReefNo - report
11030003Cod HoleNo - report
11030004Lizard IslandNo - report
11030005Steve's BommieYes
11030006Near Steve's Bommie (Ribbon Reef)Yes
11030007Summer Bay (Ribbon Reef 3)Yes
11030008Lighthouse Bommie (Ribbon Reef 10)Yes
11030009Gotham City (Ribbon Reef 10)Yes
11030010Coral Kingdom (Ribbon Reef 10)Yes
11030011Snake Pit (Ribbon Reef 10)Yes
1104Cairns GBR Sector
11040001Coral Gardens (Flynn Reef)Yes
11040002Gordon's Mooring (Flynn Reef)Yes
11040003Tracy's Bommie (Flynn Reef)Yes
11040004Fish Bowl (Hastings Reef)Yes
11040005Breaking Patches (Michalmas Reef)Yes
1105Innisfail GBR Sector
1106Townsville and Cape Upstart GBR Sectors
110601Townsville Sector
110602Cape Upstart Sector
1107Whitsunday GBR Sector
1108Pompey GBR Sector
1109Swain GBR Sector
1110Capricorn Bunker Sector
111001Capricorn Group
11100101Blue Pools (Heron Reef)Yes
11100102Coral Grotto (Heron Reef)Yes
11100103Heron Bommie (Heron Reef)Yes
11100104Coral Cascades (Heron Reef)Yes
11100105Hole in the Wall (Heron Reef)Yes
111002Bunker Group
12Coral Sea
1201Osprey Reef
12010001North HornNo - report
12010002PavonaNo - report
12010003Coral CastlesNo - report
12010004Entrance Osprey ReefNo - report
12010005False EntranceNo - report
12010006Rapid HornNo - report
12010007SE Corner Osprey ReefNo - report
12010008East Wall Osprey ReefNo - report
1202Bougainville Reef
1203Holmes Reef
13North Coast Australia
1301Torres Strait
14Australian Island Territories
1401Christmas Island
1402Cocos Keeling Islands
14020001Fan WallYes
14020002Two RidgesYes
14020004Barry's PoolYes
14020005Cabbage PatchYes
1403Ashmore and Cartier Islands
2Solomon Islands
21Northern Solomon Islands
21050001B1 - Hirasawa Maru (Wide River Ship)Yes
21050002B2 - Kinugawa MaruNo - report
2106Russell Islands
21060001Bat CaveYes
21060002Karamolun Point (Karamolun Island)Yes
21060003Leru Cut (Leru Island)Yes
21060004Mirror Pond (Mane Island)Yes
21060005Rainbow ReefYes
21060006Unknown Site on Mary Island (Mary Island / Mborokua)Yes
21060007NE Mane IslandYes
21060008Loisolene PointYes
21060009White BeachYes
21060010Wreck of the AnnYes
21060011Unknown Site on Ta IslandNo - report
21060012Dive Site on Kaukau (Kakou) IslandYes
21060013Foulai Island (Paradise)No - report
21060014Elephant Reef (Ta Island)No - report
21060015Kafoleon Bay (Mane Island)No - report
21060016Mane South Point (Mane Island)Yes
21060017Leru Point South (Leru Island)Yes
21060018Mane Point East (Mane Island)Yes
21060020Kisan IslandYes
21060021Lologhan IslandYes
21060022Barracuda Point (Mary Island / Mborokua)No - report
21060023Bilikiki Bay Moorage on Mary Island (Mary Island / Mborokua)No - report
21060024Jackfish Alley (Mary Island / Mborokua)No - report
21060025Mary Island Bay Crater Ben's Point (Mary Island / Mborokua)No - report
21060026Mary Island Bay Crater South Point (Mary Island / Mborokua)No - report
21060027Acropora City (Kakou Island)Yes
21060028Planet LologhanYes
2107Florida Islands and Savo Island
21070001Velvia / Baby CakeYes
21070002Nembalau RockYes
21070003Kovohika Ridge (Kovohika Island)Yes
21070004Anuha IslandYes
21070005Tanavula West (Nggela Sule Island)Yes
21070006Switzer (Tulagi Island)Yes
21070007Tanavula Point (Nggela Sule Island)Yes
21070008Simon's Nature Reserve (Mbokonimbeti Island)No - report
21070009Petrol Point (Nggela Sule Island)No - report
21070010Ghavutu Wharf (Ghavutu Island)No - report
21070011Twin Tunnels / Twin TubesNo - report
21070012Maravaghi Bay (Mangalonga Island)No - report
21070013Mavis-Kawanashi Wreck (Tulagi Island)Yes
21070014PBY Catalina Wreck (Tulagi Island)Yes
2108Santa Isabel
2109New Georgia Group Islands
21090001Lumalihe PassageYes
21090002Chris's Corner (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090004Karanjou Island and Bay (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090005Twin Points (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090006George's Spot (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090007Anemone Point (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090008Wreck of the Toa Maru #2No - report
21090009Mbili ShallowsYes
21090010Wickham (Vangunu) Island East and West PointYes
21090011Kicha Island (Marovo Island)No - report
21090012Mbulo Lagoon Point (Marovo Island)No - report
21090013Mbulo Canyon (Marovo Lagoon)No - report
21090014Malamale IslandNo - report
21090015Pipe Dreams (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090016Poetic Pinnacles (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090017Out of this World (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090018Luten's Surprise (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090019Amazing Grace (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090020Around the Corner (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090021Rainbow Wall / The Wall (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090022Moly (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090023Many Palms (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090024Minado Eco Lodge - House Reef Left (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090025Anemone Bay (between Moly and Bili) (Marovo Lagoon)No - report
21090026House Reef- John Lee's House (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090027Fantastic Fans (near Amazing Grace) (Marovo Lagoon)No - report
21090028The Palms (between Moly and Bili) (Marovo Lagoon)No - report
21090029Uepi Point (Uepi Island)Yes
21090030Landoro Garden (Uepi Island)Yes
21090031Tamaleve Wall (Matenana Island)Yes
21090032North Log (Uepi Island)Yes
21090033Charapoana Point (Charapoana Island)Yes
21090034General Store (Avavasa Island)Yes
21090035Uepi Channel (Between Uepi and Charapoana Island)Yes
21090036Roma (Avavasa Island)Yes
21090037Uepi Resort Bungalow Six Snorkel (Uepi Island)Yes
21090038Uepi Resort Dive Dock & Welcome Jetty area (Uepi Island)Yes
21090039Uepi Lagoon Bommies Snorkel (Uepi Island)Yes
21090040Fan Tastic Yes
21090041Golden Wall (Karanjou Island)Yes
21090042Fanquarium (Karanjou Island)Yes
21090043Golden Ledges (Karanjou Island)Yes
21090044Royal Wall (Minjanga Island)Yes
21090045Garden of Eden (Turupu Island)No - report
21090046Treasure Hunt (Turupu Island)No - report
21090047Cotton Candy (Minjanga Island)No - report
21090048Japan (Minjanga Island)No - report
21090049Bili (Minjanga Island)No - report
21090050Turupu Wall / Gobiville (Turupu Island)No - report
21090051Convention Center (Minjanga Island)No - report
21090052Magic Mountain (Minjanga Island)No - report
21090053Secrets (Turupu Island)No - report
2111Shortland Islands
2112Other Minor Islands
22Southern Solomon Islands
2201Santa Cruz Islands (incl Reef Islands)
2202Rennell Island and Bellona Island
2203San Crisobal Island (incl. Three Sisters Islands)
3Papua New Guinea
31Milne Bay Province
3101Milne Bay
31010001China StraitNo - report
31010002MuscootaNo - report
31010003Sullivan's PatchesNo - report
31010004Banana BommieNo - report
31010005Hibwa ReefNo - report
31010006Tunnel ReefNo - report
31010007Trish's BommieNo - report
31010008Heinecke HeavenNo - report
31010009Boirama ReefNo - report
31010010Whale ReefNo - report
31010011Giants at HomeNo - report
31010012Peer's ReefNo - report
31010013Boia Boia Waga IslandNo - report
31010014Black and SilverNo - report
31010015Cherie'sNo - report
31010016Cobb's CliffNo - report
31010017Wahoo ReefNo - report
31010018Kathy's CornerNo - report
31010019Basilisk PointNo - report
31010020Deacon's ReefNo - report
31010021Dinah's BeachNo - report
31010022Betha's BommieNo - report
3102Eastern D'Entrecasteaux Region
31020001Lipson ShoalNo - report
31020002BunamaNo - report
31020003Calypso ReefNo - report
31020004Jennifer's ReefNo - report
31020005Barbarian ReefNo - report
31020006Balaban's BommieNo - report
31020007Observation PointNo - report
31020008Ayer's RockNo - report
31020009Dobu BubblebathNo - report
31020010Double Tower- SanaroaNo - report
31020011Sonia ShoalNo - report
31020012Rhino ReefNo - report
31020013Valley ReefNo - report
31020014Wong's Reef No - report
31020015Mary Jane (MJ) ReefNo - report
31020016Hickson's ReefNo - report
31020017Farrington ShoalNo - report
31020018End PassNo - report
31020019Humann's Colour BookNo - report
31020020Amphlett FansNo - report
3103Western D'Entrecasteaux Region
31030001Mapamoiwa AnchorageNo - report
31030002Mapamoiwa ReefNo - report
31030003Charlie's TowerNo - report
31030004Trotman ShoalsNo - report
31030005Knight PatchesNo - report
31030006Camel ReefNo - report
31030007Triple Tower BommieNo - report
31030008Cecilia's ReefNo - report
31030009Peer's PatchesNo - report
31030010See and Sea PassesNo - report
31030011Anne Lea ReefNo - report
31030012Keast ReefNo - report
31030013B17 Bomber Aircraft/BlackjackNo - report
31030014Ipoteto Bay/Ridge (Ipoteto Island)No - report
3104Louisiade Archipelago and Egum Atoll
31040001Doubilet ReefNo - report
31040002Waterman RidgeNo - report
31040003P38 Lightening AircraftNo - report
31040004Jeremy's ReefNo - report
31040005President Grant- Uluma ReefNo - report
31040006Southwest Point- Uluma ReefNo - report
31040007Daisy's DropoffNo - report
31040008Skull CaveNo - report
31040009Zero FighterNo - report
31040010Renard IslandsNo - report
31040011Chasm ReefNo - report
31040012Snake Passage (Yuma PassageNo - report
31040013North PassNo - report
31040014Lori's CaveNo - report
31040015Fish CityNo - report
31040016Stringer OpeningNo - report
31040017Egum RockNo - report
31040018Hollis ReefNo - report
31040019Northwest PassNo - report
32Port Moresby Eastward
3201Port Moresby
32010001Basilisk Passage and the FingerNo - report
32010002New Marine #7No - report
32010003Owen StanleysNo - report
32010004Fisherman's Island (Daugo Island)No - report
32010005LagamaraNo - report
32010006Bava 98No - report
3202Bootless Inlet
32020001Lion IslandNo - report
32020002Boston Havoc A20 AircraftNo - report
32020003Big Drop- Sunken BarrierNo - report
32020004Pai IINo - report
32020005The End BommieNo - report
32020006Pacific GasNo - report
32020007Barrier Reef- Bootless Inlet to Round PointNo - report
3203Eastern Fields
32030001Jay's ReefNo - report
32030002Craig's UltimateNo - report
32030003Carl's UltimateNo - report
33Tufi and Lae
33010001Stewart ReefNo - report
33010002Paul's ReefNo - report
33010003Tony's BommieNo - report
33010004Cyclone ReefNo - report
33010005Veale ReefNo - report
33010006S'JacobNo - report
33020001Tenyo MaruNo - report
33020002Halfway ReefNo - report
33020003Yokohama MaruNo - report
33020004The Beacon- SalamauaNo - report
33020005AquariumNo - report
33020006Sheila's ReefNo - report
33020007Benalla BanksNo - report
33020008Kotoko MaruNo - report
33020009Shepparton ShoalsNo - report
33020010Tami IslandsNo - report
33020011Siassi IslandsNo - report
34Bismarck Archipelago
3401New Britain
340101West New Britain (inc. Walindi and Kimbe Bay)
34010101Hanging Gardens No - report
34010102Numundo Reef (Bob's Knob)No - report
34010103Schumann IslandNo - report
34010104Restorf IslandNo - report
34010105Joy's ReefNo - report
34010106Christine's ReefNo - report
34010107Kristy Jayne's ReefNo - report
34010108Vanessa's ReefYes
34010109Susan's ReefNo - report
34010110Inglis ShoalYes
34010111South Ema ReefNo - report
34010112North Ema ReefNo - report
34010113Cape HeussnerNo - report
34010114South Bay Reef - Cecilie's WallNo - report
34010115Bradford ShoalYes
34010116Kimbe Island BommieNo - report
34010117Kimbe IslandNo - report
34010118Otto's ReefYes
34010119Paluma ReefNo - report
34010120The ArchYes
34010121Lama ShoalNo - report
34010122Father's ArchYes
34010123Fairway ReefNo - report
34010124Ann Sophies ReefNo - report
34010125Joelle's ReefNo - report
34010126Wirey BayYes
34010127Tuare's ReefYes
34010128Goru Arches (Garove Island)Yes
34010129Dicky's Place (Garove Island)Yes
34010130Dicky's Reef (Garove Island)Yes
34010131Krackafat Reef (Garove Island)Yes
34010132The Crater (Garove Island)Yes
34010133Barney's Reef (Garove Island)Yes
34010134Ake's Reef (Garove Island)Yes
34010135Alice's MoundYes
34010136Shaggy RidgeYes
34010137Jackie's KnobYes
34010138Killibob's KnobYes
34010139Meil's ReefYes
34010140Norman's KnobYes
34010141Jayne's GullyYes
34010142Leslie's KnobYes
340102Rabaul's Wrecks
34010201Pete's BiplaneNo - report
34010202George's WreckNo - report
34010203Mitsu Maru and Sugar CharlieNo - report
34010204Manko MaruNo - report
34010205Yamayuri MaruNo - report
34010206Italy MaruNo - report
34010207Hakkai MaruNo - report
34010208Iwate MaruNo - report
34010209Zero FighterNo - report
34010210Takubar WreckNo - report
340103Rabaul's Reefs
34010301Midway ReefYes
34010302Kulau Lodge Beach WrecksNo - report
34010303BP WharfNo - report
34010304West PointNo - report
34010305The GrottoNo - report
34010306Garden of FansNo - report
34010307Sumarine BaseNo - report
34010308St. George's Channel SeamountNo - report
34010309Little Pigeon and MalisNo - report
34010310Rebecca's CornerNo - report
34010311Rainbow ReefNo - report
34010312Heaven's GateNo - report
34010313Japanese World War II TanksNo - report
34010314Reimer's GardenNo - report
34010315Bangkok PassNo - report
3402New Ireland
34020001Kaplaman ReefNo - report
34020002Echuca PatchNo - report
34020003Turtle ReefNo - report
34020004Valerie's ReefNo - report
34020005Big Fish ReefNo - report
34020006Japanese Mini-Submarine and ShipwreckNo - report
34020007Chahpman's ReefNo - report
34020008Taun ReefNo - report
34020009Eagle Ray PassNo - report
34020010Byron StraitNo - report
34020011Malacanthus PatchNo - report
34020012"Kate" Dive-BomberNo - report
34020013Steffen StraitNo - report
34020014Albatross PassNo - report
34020015Dyaul PointNo - report
34020016Baldwin's Bridge (Cape George)No - report
3403Other Bismark Archipelago Islands
34030001West Pass Carteret IslandsNo - report
34030002Entrance to Green Island LagoonNo - report
34030003Salat Strait Feni IslandsNo - report
34030004Channel Reef Tabar IslandsNo - report
35Madang and North Coast
3501Madang and the North Coast Road
35010001The WaterholeNo - report
35010002BostonNo - report
35010003The QuarryNo - report
35010004Wongat Island and Henry LeithNo - report
35010005Mitchell B25 AircraftNo - report
35010006Rasch PassageNo - report
35010007Coral QueenNo - report
35010008Barracuda PointNo - report
35010009Magic PasageNo - report
35010010Planet RockNo - report
35010011Crown Island South ReefNo - report
35010012Bagabag IslandNo - report
3502Hansa Bay
35020001Daivit Wreck (and Others)No - report
35020002Sushi MaruNo - report
35020003Laing IslandNo - report
35020004Encounter ReefNo - report
3601Manus Island; The Western Isles; and Wuvulu
36010001Kaniet IslandNo - report
36010002Sae IslandNo - report
36010003Northwest Entrance Hermit IslandsNo - report
36010004Alacrity Harbor Hermit IslandsNo - report
36010005Southeast Entrance Hermit IslandsNo - report
36010006Manta Pass Hermit IslandsNo - report
36010007Leabon Island Hermit IslandsNo - report
36010008Heina Island Ninigo IslandsNo - report
36010009Pelleluhu Passage Ninigo IslandsNo - report
36010010Tiata Reef Ninigo IslandsNo - report
36010011Ndrova IslandNo - report
36010012Southwest Point of WuvuluNo - report
4Eastern Indonesia (incl. East Timor)
41Western New Guinea/Bird's Head Peninsula
411Cenderwasih Bay; Yapen; and Biak
4111Cenderwasih Bay
412Fakfak Peninsula and Kaimana District
4121Triton Bay
41210101Andy's RockYes
41210102Batu Jatu (Fallen Rock)Yes
41210103Batu Jeruk (Orange Rock)Yes
41210104Bo's Rock / PelangiYes
41210105Christmas (aka Tim's) RockYes
41210106David's PointYes
41210108Flasher BeachYes
41210109Little KomodoYes
41210110Macro RocksYes
41210111Pulau BagusYes
41210112Sagin IslandYes
41210114Three RocksYes
41210115Triton Bay Divers House ReefYes
41210116Yan's RockYes
41210117Gnu RockYes
41210118Larry's HeavenYes
41210119Hole in OneYes
41210120Pot LuckYes
41210121Flasher Beach - Flasher patch onlyYes
41210122Just Around the CornerYes
41210124Kicking and ScreamingYes
41210125Wendy's Magic BommieYes
41210126Cornucopia - SakosYes
41210128Tanjung MangkawuYes
41210129Pintu Masuk (near Aiduma)Yes
41210130Red BeachYes
41210131No Name RockYes
41210201Namatote WallYes
41210202Fishing Bagan near NamatoteNo - report
41210203Tanjung NamatoteYes
412103Pulau Adi
41210301Tanjung Pulau Adi (South Tip)Yes
41210302Tumbutumbu Is. NortheastYes
4122Pulau Sabuda (and Kaya)
41220001Lighthouse (Pulau Sabuda)Yes
41220002T-Bone Ridge (Pulau Sabuda)Yes
41220003Pulau Kaya (near Pulau Sabuda)Yes
41220004The ChannelYes
4123Mainland Fakfak and Kaimana Regency
41230001Mommon Seamount (Fakfak)Yes
41230002Batu Cantik (Fakfak)Yes
41230004Pulau DerdiYes
41230005Any Site in a StormYes
413Raja Ampat Islands
4131Sayang, Wayag, Quoy, Bag, Uranie Islands
41310001Cathedral Rock (off Wayag)No - report
41310002Figure of Eight Rock (off Wayag)Yes
41310003Ridge Rock (off Wayag)Yes
41310004Channel Island (off Wayag)No - report
41310005Magic Rock (off Bag)No - report
41310006Y Reef (off Bag)No - report
41310007Edi's Cave (off Unranie) No - report
41310008Hump 2 (off Wayag)Yes
4132Waigeo (incl. Kawe and Aljui Bay)
41320001Equator Islands (off Kawe)No - report
41320002Black Rock (off Kawe)Yes
41320003Eagle Rock (off Kawe)Yes
41320004Bird Wall/White Arrow, Aljui BayYes
41320005Ganan, Aljui BayYes
41320006Cendana Dock, Aljui BayYes
41320007Edy's Black Forest, WofohYes
41320008Ten Thousand Tailspots / Wofoh (North Wofoh)Yes
41320009Fish Rock Canyon, WoenohYes
41320010Woenoh Village - Teluk WoenohYes
41320011Zero Zero, Seprang IslandsYes
41320012The Corner, Aljui BayYes
41320013Pulau WoenohYes
41320014Off The Wall, WoenohYes
41320015West Ridge, Equator IslandsYes
41320016Two Slots, Equator IslandsYes
41320017Kawe EastYes
41320018Tapokrang JettyYes
4133Dampier Strait (incl. Gam Island; Fam Islands)
41330001The Passage, Gam Is.No - report
41330002Yanggelo Sea Mount, Gam Is.No - report
41330003Yanggelo Ridge, Gam Is.Yes
41330004Citrus Ridge / Barracuda Point (Gam)Yes
41330005Yangello Mangroves/Blue Water Mangroves, Gam Is.No - report
41330006Friwin Bonda, Gam Is.Yes
41330007Batu Lima (5 Rocks), Gam Is.No - report
41330008Nudibranch Rock, Gam Is.No - report
41330009Jenbraimuk Reef, Gam Is.No - report
41330010Mios Kon / Yellow Fever (btw Gam & Mansuar)Yes
41330011Blue Magic (btw Gam & Mansuar)Yes
41330012Chicken Reef (btw Gam & Mansuar)No - report
41330013Sleeping Baraccuda (btw Gam & Mansuar)No - report
41330014Sardine Reef (btw Gam & Mansuar)Yes
41330015CrossoverNo - report
41330016Surgeonfish SlopeNo - report
41330017New ReefNo - report
41330018Turtle ReefNo - report
41330019Kos IslandNo - report
41330020Cape KriYes
41330021Cape Kri LagoonYes
41330022South KriNo - report
41330023Kuburan, Kri Is.No - report
41330024Sorido Wall, Kri Is.No - report
41330025Mike's Point (btw Gam & Mansuar)Yes
41330026Yenbuba Jetty, Mansuar Is.No - report
41330027Yembuba Bay, Mansuar Is.Yes
41330028Mansuar Barat, Mansuar Is.No - report
41330029Manta Ridge (btw Gam & Mansuar)No - report
41330030Manta Slope (btw Gam & Mansuar)No - report
41330031Manta Sandy (btw Gam & Mansuar)Yes
41330032Lalosi Reef (btw Gam & Mansuar)Yes
41330033Melissa's Garden, Fam IslandsYes
41330034The Channel, Fam IslandsNo - report
41330035Gam PlateauYes
41330037Yanbeser JettyYes
41330038Batu Kubor YanbubaYes
41330040My Reef (Penemu/Piaynemo)Yes
41330041Keruo Channel (Penemu/Piaynemo)Yes
41330042Mayhem (Yanggelo/Yanggefo)Yes
41330043Way Pretty Shallows (Yanggelo/Yanggefo)Yes
41330044Mangrove RidgeYes
41330045Fuzzy RockYes
41330046Between Citrus and Yanggelo Ridges (Gam)Yes
41330047Airborek JettyYes
41330048Keruo / Koruo Channel South EndYes
41330049Mansuar PointYes
41330050Mioskon - No NameYes
4134Batanta and Salawati
41340001Palau AyemiNo - report
41340002Raurez/Wruwaerz SlopeYes
41340003Papua Paradise House Reef 2No - report
41340004Dokor ReefNo - report
41340005Outside the VillageNo - report
41340006Yengkarom Reef, Brie Is.No - report
41340007Palau WaiNo - report
41340008Tanjung (Sudut) DayangYes
41340009C.I. Ranger Station Jetty, DayangYes
41340010Happy Ending (SW Batanta across from Salawati)No - report
41340011Algae PatchYes
41340012Signal PointNo - report
41340013Yum IslandYes
41340014Birie IslandYes
41340015Coral Patch (at Algae Patch)Yes
41350001WTF Cross Brass MonkeyYes
41350002Potato HeadYes
41350003Lord of the LandNo - report
41350004Hydroid HeavenYes
41350005Raja Udang (Kingfisher)Yes
41350006Pulau AyuanYes
4136Farondi, Wagmab, Balbulol & Daram Islands
41360001Ikan Muda, Farondi Is.No - report
41360002Living Color (near Daram)Yes
41360003Candy Store (near Daram)Yes
41360006Tomulol CaveNo - report
41360007Andiamo (Daram)Yes
41360008Camel Rock (Daram)Yes
41360009Three Sisters (Farondi)Yes
41360010Farondi Cave (Farondi)Yes
4137Misool, Wayil, Fiabacet, Yilliet
41370001Misool House Reef 1 No - report
41370002Misool House Reef 2 (incuding lagoon)No - report
41370003SW BatbitiemNo - report
41370004Teluk KecilNo - report
41370005Sixth SenseNo - report
41370006Epaulette CityNo - report
41370007Warakaraket WallNo - report
41370008Eagle's NestNo - report
41370009Magic MountainYes
41370010Jamur/Warna Ribu/Dunia Kecil (Wayil Island)Yes
41370011Wedding Cake/Taman Rahasia (little islands west of Wayilbatan)Yes
41370012Gorgonian Passage/Neptunes Fansea (beteen Wayilbatan & Walib)Yes
41370013Rats Reef/Schools Out (little islands b/t Karawapop & Kalig)No - report
41370014Heads Up Sidedown Under (off SW tip of Kalig)No - report
41370015Kalig Wall/Kalig Kecil/Potato Point (eastern tip of Kalig)No - report
41370016Fiabacet/Warna Ember/Fiabacet Barat (Fiabacet Island)No - report
41370017The EggNo - report
41370018Whale RockYes
41370019Nudi Rock/Tug Boat/TonkaYes
41370020Fiabacet PinnacleNo - report
41370021Boo WestYes
41370022Selat 1 & 2No - report
41370023Camel Rock (Misool)No - report
41370024Selat 3No - report
41370025Birthday CakeNo - report
41370026Cape Boo/Boo Window/Batu Timor (Boo Island)Yes
41370027Tempat Lego/Tempatyang Dangkal (Yilliet Island)No - report
41370028Yilliet PinnacleNo - report
41370029Yilliet (#30 on Misool Eco Resort map- east of Yilliet Island)No - report
41370030GrouperNo - report
41370031Four Kings (Wayil)Yes
41370032Barracuda Point / BarracudaYes
41370033Barracuda IIYes
41370034Tank RockYes
41370035Two Tree Island (Sagof)Yes
41370036Baby RockYes
41370037Anty ChoveyYes
41370040Yilliet BesarYes
41370041Yilliet KecilYes
41370043Kaleidoscope (Pelee)Yes
41370046Please use 41360007 (was Andiamo)No - report
41370047Where Eagles DareYes
41370048Masenta 1 (off Misool)Yes
41370049Masenta 2 (off Misool)Yes
41370050Boo Island EastYes
4138Other Raja Ampat Islands
41380001Warna EmberNo - report
41380002Tempat LegoYes
41380003Tempatyang DangkolNo - report
41380004Batu TimorNo - report
41380005JamurNo - report
41380006Warna RibuNo - report
41380007Dunia KecilNo - report
41380008Ikan MudaNo - report
42Northern Spice Islands (aka North Maluku)
4201Western Halmahera and Islands
42010001Nenas Village Mano IslandYes
42010002Nenas Village East Mano IslandYes
42010003Pulau Mano ChannelYes
4202Sula and Obi Islands
42020001Pulau PisangYes
4203Bacan Islands
42030001Pasirkaro Reef Mandioli IslandYes
42030002Teluk Kasiruta Yes
4204Eastern Halmahera and Islands
42040001Kayoa IslandYes
42040002Makian IslandYes
42040003Ternate IslandYes
42040004Tifore IslandYes
431North Sulawesi
4311Lembeh Strait
43110001Bimoli WreckNo - report
43110003Kapal IndahYes
43110004Pulau AbadiYes
43110005Mawali WreckYes
43110006Critter HuntYes
43110007Police PierYes
43110008Sarena West / Serena PointYes
43110009Nudi FallsYes
43110010KBR House ReefYes
43110011Aer Prang (1-2-3)Yes
43110012Jahir (1-2-3)Yes
43110013Makawide (1-2-3) /Makawide Wall/SlopeYes
43110014Tanjung TebalYes
43110015Nudi Retreat (1, 2, 3)Yes
43110016Magic RockYes
43110017Batu Sandar / Batu SanderYes
43110018Retak LarryYes
43110020Teluk Kembahu / TK (1, 2, 3)Yes
43110021Angel's WindowYes
43110022Hairball (1-2)Yes
43110023Aw Shucks (1-2)Yes
43110024Batu Merah (1-2)Yes
43110025Pulau PutusYes
43110026Batu Angus (1-2)Yes
43110027California DreamingYes
43110028Jiko YanceYes
43110029Pante Parigi (1-2)Yes
43110030Kasawari WreckNo - report
43110031Magic Creak / Magic CrackYes
43110032Tandurusa (1-2)Yes
43110033Aer Bajo (1-2-3)Yes
43110034Tanjung KuberYes
43110036Rojas / RojosYes
43110037Tanjung SlopeYes
43110038Batu Kapal (1-2)Yes
43110039Dante's WallYes
43110040Kainah's TreasureYes
43110041Delima PointYes
43110042Pearl FarmYes
43110044Kareko BatuYes
43110045Kareko PasirYes
43110046Pante AboYes
43110047Pintu ColadaYes
43110048Sea GrassYes
43110049Tanjung Kusu KusuYes
43110051Tanjung MawaliYes
43110054Mandarin PlaceYes
43110055Tanjung KuningYes
43110056Lampu BiruYes
43110057Pante Rotan (1-2)Yes
43110058Madidir (1-2-3)Yes
43110059Naemundung PointYes
43110060Serena BesarYes
43110061Serena SouthYes
43110062Pinnacle XYes
43110063Jari JariYes
43110064Retak BechoYes
43110066Hey NusYes
43110067Pulau DuaYes
43110068Pante JicoYes
43110069Coral KabongYes
43110071Batu BuniangYes
43110072Jico DolongYes
43110073Lembeh Resort House ReefYes
4312North mainland Sulawesi, Bangka and nearby islands
43120001Batu PuntengYes
43120002Batu PutihYes
43120003Batu Pendeta (The Pope's Rock)Yes
43120004Demak (Bangka)Yes
4313Bunaken National Marine Park and Manado
43130001Jalan Masuk NainNo - report
43130002Barracuda Point (Mantehage)Yes
43130003Gorango (Mantehage)Yes
43130004Bango (Mantehage)Yes
43130005Tangkasi MantehageYes
43130006Pangalingan (Manado Tua)Yes
43130007Tanjung Kopi (Manado Tua)Yes
43130008Muka Gereja (Manado Tua)Yes
43130009Bualo (Manado Tua)Yes
43130010Negri (Manado Tua)Yes
43130011Beni's Point (Manado Tua)No - report
43130012Mike's Point (Bunaken)Yes
43130013Tanjung Parigi (Bunaken)Yes
43130014Paser Panjang (Bunaken)No - report
43130015Sachiko Point (Bunaken)Yes
43130016Bunaken Timur 1 & 2 (Bunaken)Yes
43130017Posi-posi (Bunaken)No - report
43130018Pangalisan (Bunaken)Yes
43130019Janjung Paser (Bunaken)No - report
43130020Muka Kampung (Bunaken)Yes
43130021Lekuan 1 (Bunaken)Yes
43130022Lekuan 2 (Bunaken)Yes
43130023Labasong (Bunaken)Yes
43130024Lekuan 3 (Bunaken)Yes
43130025Celah Celah (Bunaken)Yes
43130026Alung Banua (Bunaken)Yes
43130027Johnson's Wall (Bunaken)Yes
43130028Fukui (Bunaken)Yes
43130029Ron's Point (Bunaken)No - report
43130030Mandolin (Bunaken)Yes
43130031Tengah (Bunaken)Yes
43130032Raymond's Point (Bunaken)Yes
43130033Siladen Point/Siladen (south tip of Siladen)Yes
43130034Gunther's Point (Manado)No - report
43130035Gabet (Manado)No - report
43130036Batu Meja (Manado)No - report
43130037Tanjung Pisok (Manado)No - report
43130038Meras (Manado)No - report
43130039Black Rock (Manado)No - report
43130040Molas Shipwreck (Manado)No - report
43130041Batas Kota (Manado)No - report
43130042City Extra (Manado)No - report
43130043BMJ (Manado)No - report
43130044Bulo 1&2 (Manado)No - report
43130045Critter Circus/Circus 1 2 & 3 (Manado)No - report
43130046Tambala (Manado)No - report
43130047Borgo (Manado)No - report
43130048Mutiara (Manado)No - report
43130049Titoi 2 (Manado)No - report
43130050Dragon/Batu Batu (The Stones/Rocks) ManadoNo - report
43130051Titoi 1 (Manado)No - report
43130052Ruman Ikan (Manado)No - report
43130053Emma Point (Manado)No - report
43130054Tanjung KelapaNo - report
43130055Bethlehem (Poopoh) 1 2 & 3 (Manado)No - report
43130056Malcom (Manado)No - report
43130057Pantai Kecil (Manado)No - report
43130058Manguni (Manado)No - report
43130059Bunaken SeaGardens Resort House ReefYes
43130060Engine PointYes
43130061White Cross / Mera'sYes
43130062Katamaran (off Manado Tateli Beach Resort)Yes
43130063Dua TiangYes
43130065Cha Cha (Bunaken)Yes
4314Sangihe Archipelago, Siau, and Other Surrounding Islands
432Central Sulawesi
4321Togian Islands
4322Banggai Islands
433South / Southeast Sulawesi
4331Wakatobi (inc. Buton Island)
43310001House ReefNo - report
43310002Turkey BeachNo - report
43310004The ZooYes
43310006LiabaleNo - report
43310007MalabeaNo - report
43310008Teluk MayaYes
43310009TrailblazerNo - report
43310010Tanjung LinteaYes
43310012Fan 38 EastYes
43310013Fan 38 WestYes
43310014Spiral CornerYes
43310017Batfish WallYes
43310018Fan GardenYes
43310021Pinki's WallYes
43310022Black ForestNo - report
43310023Lorenzo's DelightYes
43310025Inka's PaletteYes
43310026Brian's ChoiceYes
43310028Tanjung PatokNo - report
43310029Dunia BaruYes
43310030Waitii RidgeYes
43310031Table Coral CityYes
43310032Teluk WaitiiYes
43310033Kollo-Soha BeachYes
43310035Mari MabukNo - report
43310036Gunung WahaNo - report
43310037Ali ReefNo - report
43310038Eel ValleyNo - report
43310039Waha TopYes
43310040KulatiNo - report
43310042Coral HillNo - report
43310043Pintu TimurNo - report
43310045Fish Wall (Binongko Island)Yes
43310046Cavern Wall (Binongko Island)Yes
43310047Ndaa Light HouseYes
43310048Ndaa Drop OffYes
43310049Ndaa SelatanYes
43310050Beku's Reef (Kaledupa Atoll)No - report
43310051Pintu Barat (Kaledupa Atoll)No - report
43310052Karang Kapal (off Kaledupa Atoll)No - report
43310053Likuan Reef (Kaledupo Atoll)No - report
43310054Escape from Imperial/Gone with the Wind (off Buton Island)No - report
43310055Tanjung Landola (off Buton Island)No - report
43310056Mandarin City / Vatican (off Buton Island)Yes
43310057Magic Pier (off Buton Island)Yes
43310058Cheeky Beach / Banana Beach (off Buton Island)Yes
43310059Asphalt Pier (Buton Island)Yes
43310060New Pier (Buton Island)Yes
43310061Iman's Reef (NW Kapota)No - report
43310062Boomies Fish Market North/South (off Kapota/Kambode)Yes
43310063Northeast Kapota AtollNo - report
43310064Latipu Reef (Kapota Atoll)No - report
43310065KampenauneNo - report
43310066Metropolis (Kampenaune)No - report
43310067North Wall Hoga IslandNo - report
43310068Hoga Buoy #3No - report
43310069Outer Pinnacle Hoga IslandNo - report
43310070Terrace Garden Hoga IslandNo - report
43310071Bianca (Buton Island)Yes
43310072Kaledupa PointYes
43310073Kaledupa SelatanYes
43310074Kampung Populia (Binongko Island)No - report
43310075Otiolo West (Otiolo)No - report
43310076Tanjung Bury (Kaledupa Atoll)No - report
43310077Tanjung Baru (Kaledupa Atoll)No - report
43310078Turtle Town (Kapota Atoll)No - report
43310079Lagoon - Orange Wall (Kapota Atoll)No - report
43310080Fishmarket Wall North (Kapota Atoll)No - report
43310081Neptune's Garden (Kaledupa Atoll)No - report
4332Selayar Islands
4333Takabonerate Islands
44Southern Spice Islands (aka Maluku)
44010001Lain Lain (Lain Island)Yes
44010002Hukurila IIYes
44010003Pintu KotaYes
44010004Laha Jetty / Laha 1 / Laha 1.5Yes
44010006Laha 2Yes
44010008Air Manis / Aer ManisNo - report
44010009MagicNo - report
44010010Maluku House ReefNo - report
44010011Blue Duck JettyYes
44010012Kaca LengkungNo - report
44010013Batu BadiriYes
44010014Middle PointNo - report
44010015Hukurila CaveYes
44010016Laha 3 / Rhino CityYes
44010017Bubble PointYes
44010018Pante NamaYes
44010019Hama HusuYes
44010020Kampung BaruYes
44010021Dive into Ambon House MuckYes
44010022Baguala SlopeYes
44010023Baguala Sea MountYes
44010025ACOM (Ambon City of Music)Yes
44010026Frankie's Point / CornerYes
44010027Jetty Aer ManisNo - report
44010028Batu LubangNo - report
44010029Tirta 2No - report
44010030Bubble Point 2No - report
44010031HukurilaNo - report
44010032NamaLatuNo - report
44010034Tower TawiriNo - report
44010035ALFA BarYes
44010036Holland's Spot (Ambon)Yes
4402Other Lease Islands (incl Seram and Buru)
440201Buru and adj. Islands
440202Seram and adj. Islands
44020201Pular Tujuh SargasmYes
44020202Makina MagicYes
44020203Hata Mata/Tanjung SialYes
44020204Flying FishNo - report
44020205Boano Slope (Boano Island)Yes
44020206Don't Take the Coconuts (Asaudi Islands)Yes
4403Banda Islands (Bandaneira - Lontar -  Hatta)
44030101Hotel Maulana Banda Molang JettyYes
44030102Lava FlowYes
44030103Tanjung BurungYes
44030104Tempat MalamNo - report
44030105Gunung Api SlopeYes
44030106Kraka Island / LighthouseYes
44030107Trigger Happy (Kapal)Yes
44030108Gurung BandaYes
44030109Batu Kapal (Bandaneira)Yes
44030110Pohon Miring (Bandaneira)Yes
44030111Pulau Pisang (Bandaneira)Yes
440302Banda Lontar
44030201Tanjung NamaNo - report
440303Pulau Ai
44030301Kampung AiYes
44030302Southeast side of Pulau AiYes
440304Pulau Run
44030401Nailaka (Pulau Run)Yes
44030402Tanjung Noret (Run Island)Yes
44030501Suanggi NE cornerYes
44030502Suanggi SE cornerYes
44030503Suanggi W sideYes
440306Pulau Hatta / Pulau Rozengain
44030601Karang Hatta (Hatta Island)Yes
44030602Hatta Wall (Hatta Island)Yes
4404Kai Islands; Watubela and Gorong Archipelagos
44040001Koon Timor (Scheiss Platz) Palau KoonYes
44040002Karang SakitYes
44040003Kasiui Wall (Kasiui / Kasirui Island SE corner)Yes
44040004Kurkap SeamontYes
44040005Kasiui East SideYes
44040006Kasiui JettyYes
44040007Pulau TioorYes
44040008Pulau UranYes
4405Aru and Tanimbar Islands
440501Tanimbar Islands
44050101Vaiwar Slope (Vaiwar Island)Yes
4406Leti - Sermata - Dai and Babar Islands
44060001Pelangi 1 / Rainbow (Pulau Dai)Yes
44060002Pelangi 2 (Pulau Dai)Yes
44060003Ship to Dai (Pulau Dai)Yes
44060004To Dai For (Pulau Dai)Yes
44060005Endey's Garden (Pulau Dai)Yes
44060006Tanjung Dai (Dai Island)Yes
44060007Tanjung Kampung (Dai Island)Yes
44060008Dai Wall (Dai Island)Yes
440601Babar/Wetan/Dawera/Daweloor Islands
44060101A Bit Far Rock (off Dawera Island)Yes
44060102Dawera WallYes
44060103SHD - Pulau Dawera North sideYes
44060104Sponge Delight (Dawera Island)Yes
44060105Dragon Wall (Dawera Island)Yes
44060106Tanjung Dragon (Dawera Island)Yes
440602Leti / Sermata / Meatimiarang Islands
44060201Tg Panelu (Kalapa - Sermata Group)Yes
44060202Atoll - SE Point (Meatimiarang)Yes
44070001Dusbough / Dusborgh NE Tip (N. Nila Island)Yes
44070002Dusbough West Tip (N. Nila Island)Yes
44070003Dusbough Tengah (N. Nila Island)Yes
44070004Terbang Utara / Terbang Ridge (North Terbang)Yes
44070005Terbang Selatan North Point / Wall (South Terbang)Yes
44070006Terbang Selatan EastYes
44070007Nildesperandum (west side) - Sea MountYes
44070008Tanjung Tulwomnausi Point (Nila island)Yes
44070009Terbang Utara (North Terbang west side)Yes
44070010Purple Haze (South Terbang west side)Yes
44070011The Opera House Yes
44070012Damar WallYes
44070013Damar BeachYes
44070014Terbang Selatan WestYes
44070015Dusborgh Atoll (near Nila)Yes
44070016Bommie Beach / Pulau Nila (Nila)Yes
44070017Nilsdesperandum SouthYes
44070018Nilsdesperandum NorthYes
44070019Tanjung Keke (Serua Island)Yes
44070020Keke Reef Right (Serua Island)Yes
44070021Keke Reef Left (Serua Island)Yes
440801Wetar / Reong
44080101Tanjung Maluang / Reong North PointYes
44080102Masuk SungaiYes
44080103Bay of Reong (Wetar)Yes
44080104Pulau Reong South SlopeYes
44080105Larry's Tower (Wetar Island)Yes
44080106Dinding Utara (North Wall - Reong)Yes
44080107Dinding Timur (East Wall - Reong)Yes
44080108Tidak Ada Syabandar / There is No Harbormaster (Reong)Yes
44080109Nunukae / Tanjung Nunukai (Wetar)Yes
44080110Pulau Reong (north side)Yes
44080112Black SandsYes
44080113South Wall (Reong)Yes
44080114NE Wall (Reong)Yes
440802Nyata / Romang / Maopora / Telang
44080201Karang TimorNo - report
44080202Dinding SelatanYes
44080203Pulau Maopora East TipYes
44080204Rumah KudaYes
44080205Romang Southern TipYes
44080206Hose F (Romang Island)Yes
44080207Chicken Run (Romang Island)Yes
44080208Nyata (NE side)Yes
44080209Crack House (near west point of Nyata)Yes
44080210Nyata UtaraYes
44080211Nyata LighthouseYes
44080212Pulau Laut west sideYes
44080213Pulau Telang north sideYes
44080214Glorious Garden (Pulau Nyata)Yes
4409Other Barat Daya Islands (excl Wetar)
44100001Ikan BanyakYes
44100002Karang SelatanNo - report
4411Lucipara and Mai (Turtle Group)
44110001Karang TimorNo - report
4412Isolated Banda Sea Islands
441201Gili Manuk
44120101Pohon Kelapa / Manuk Barat (Gili Manuk)Yes
44120102Big Ridge / Gili Gili Ridges (Gili Manuk)Yes
44120103Tanjung Kelapa / Tanjung Manuk (Gili Manuk)Yes
44120104Eight Wonders/South Ridge (Manuk Island)Yes
44120105Manuk Cliff (Manuk Island)Yes
45East Timor
46Lesser Sunda Islands/Nusa Tenggara Group
461Southern Lesser Sunda Archipelago
4611West Timor
4612Savu Group
461401Pulau Atauro
46140101Green Buoy / Haru InaYes
46140102Red Buoy / Watu AiiYes
46140103South JettyYes
46140104Outer Reef / Haru UhuralaYes
46140105Adara NearshoreYes
46140106Adara LMMAYes
46140108Vila SouthYes
46140109Raiketa OuterYes
462Northern Lesser Sunda Archipelago
4621Alor (incl. Buaya - Kepa - Ternate - Pura Islands)
46210101Mucky Mosaic / Mucky MosqueYes
46210102Mini WallYes
46210107Treetops, Alor-KecilYes
46210108The CathedralNo - report
46210201Cave Point - Buaya IslandYes
46210401Babylon (Ternate)Yes
46210502Karang Utara - Palau PuraNo - report
46210503Pancuran / SlugfestYes
46210504Clown ValleyYes
46210505Pak Yan's Village / Village of Happy Kids / Kampung Anak Senang / Tanjung Yan VillageYes
46210506Pleasant BoardroomYes
46210507Big Foot (South Pura)Yes
46210508School Out (Pura)Yes
46210509Solong Bali Wall (Pura)Yes
46210510Solong Bali Jetty (Pura)Yes
4622Pantar; Lembata/Kawula; Adonara; Solor; Komba Islands
46220101Hot Property (Beangabang Bay)Yes
46220102Ribbon Eel Run (Beangabang Bay)Yes
46220103West End Reef (Beangabang Bay)No - report
46220104Rainbow RockNo - report
46220105New Jetty (Beangabang Bay)Yes
46220106North Point (Beangabang Bay)Yes
46220107Watu BaluYes
46220108Watu ileYes
46220109Beangabang Bay West SideYes
462202Lembata / Kawula
46220202Bacatan LedgesYes
46220203East NeiraYes
46220204Radio ReefYes
46220205Lembata/Kawula Ferry PierYes
46220206LamanipoNo - report
46220207Dindling LewalingYes
46220208Watu Waratun / Wara Wuntun NorthYes
46220209Watu Waratun / Wara Wuntun SouthYes
46220210Watu Waratun / Wara Wuntun Village / Wrassedemonium / Lava Flow / Black Sand WallYes
46220211Takat PrauYes
46220212Nubbin PointYes
46220214Watu Waratun / Wara Wuntun PointYes
46220215Bacatan WallYes
46220216Bacatan Wall 2Yes
46220217Tanjung WaiwowanYes
46220218Pandang PasirYes
46220401Point between Kodih Kele & Sagu InletNo - report
46220402Tanjung WotanYes
46220403Ipet Dropoff and Ridge (off NE Adonara)Yes
462205Komba Volcano
46220501Komba Korner (Komba Volcano)Yes
46220502Komba WaterfallNo - report
4623Flores - Besar (and adj. islands)
46230101Maumere PierNo - report
46230102Fish Market - MaumereYes
46230103Tanjung Gedong WestNo - report
46230104Gedong BayYes
46230105Gedong WallNo - report
46230106Serbete ReefYes
46230107Pertamina PierNo - report
46230201Lebantour No - report
46230202Pulau Besar - West Wall No - report
46230204Pomana KecilYes
46230205Pulau BabiYes
462303Pulau Raja
46230301Ikan Mudah DuaNo - report
4624Rinca and Komodo (and adj. islands)
462401Nusa Kode area
46240101Crinoid CanyonYes
46240102Cannibal Rock / Nurdin SpiritYes
46240103Rodeo RockYes
46240104Pelican Head / Disaster BayYes
46240105White BeachYes
46240106Torpedo AlleyYes
46240107Yellow Wall (of Texas)Yes
46240108Devil's CornerYes
46240201Loh Buaya WestYes
46240202Tengah No - report
46240203Komodo Walk / Dragon WalkYes
46240205Wainilu Kecil (small east island)Yes
462403Pulau Padar
46240301PillarsteenNo - report
46240302Taman Rahasia (Padar)Yes
46240303Three SistersYes
46240304Secret PadarYes
46240305Padar BayNo - report
46240306Pasir PutihYes
46240307Secret GardenYes
46240308Padar ReefYes
46240401Pink BeachNo - report
46240402Batu Bolong NorthNo - report
46240403Tatawa KecilNo - report
46240404Lehok Sera PointYes
46240405German FlagYes
46240406Manta AlleyYes
46240407Teluk DaratYes
46240408Lehok Sera WreckYes
46240409Karang Makassar / Gili MakassarYes
46240410Golden PassageYes
46240411GLD BayYes
46240412Batu MontjoYes
46240413Takat MakassarYes
462405Gili Lawa
46240501Staghorn ForestNo - report
46240502Cristal / Crystal Rock (Gili Lawa Laut)Yes
46240503Castle RockYes
46240504Toko TokoNo - report
46240505Teluk PasirYes
46240506El TorroNo - report
46240507Coral GardenYes
46240509Aquarium (Gili Lawa Laut)Yes
46240510Darat Passage / Darat Reef (Gili Lawa Darat)Yes
462406Komodo NP Small Islands
46240601Siaba Besar East sideYes
46240602Sebayor Kecil Yes
46240603Siaba Besar Island WestYes
46240604Tatawa Besar IslandYes
46240606Batu BolongYes
46240607Karang MakasarYes
46240608Siaba KecilYes
462407Gili Motang and Baleh
46240701Baleh SouthYes
46240702Baleh NorthYes
46240703Lady MotaYes
4625Sumbawa - Banta - Sangeang - Moyo
46250101Tanjung TohohNo - report
46250102Tanjung SeiYes
46250103Unusual Suspects / Fuzzy BottomYes
46250104Pulau UlarYes
46250201Star WarsNo - report
46250202Little WorldNo - report
46250203GPS PointNo - report
46250206West PointYes
46250208Roller CoasterYes
46250209Spanish StepsYes
46250210Tanduk RusaYes
46250211Gili Banta BayNo - report
46250301Black Magic No - report
46250302Tekno Reef No - report
46250303Black DunesNo - report
46250304Black Forest / Hot Rocks / The BubblesYes
46250305Bohon MarahYes
46250306Bonto Muck Dive / Bontoh Bay / Bonto ReefYes
46250307Mike's ReefYes
46250308Lighthouse Reef / Black MagicYes
46250309Black DiamondYes
46250310The Ledge (Sangeang Island)Yes
46250311Holy Cow (Sangeang Island)Yes
46250312Menjeng Wall (Sangeang)Yes
46250313Sangeang WestYes
462504Moyo and Satonde Islands
46250401Karang UtuyaNo - report
46250402Moyo ReefYes
46250403Black RockYes
46250404Jake's ReefYes
46250406Angel RidgeYes
46260001Senggigi / Sangigi Beach (Lombok)Yes
462601Gili Islands
46260101Turtle Haven (Gili Trawangan)Yes
46260102Halik (Gili Trawangan)Yes
46260104Eastside Beach (Gili Trawangan)Yes
46260105Gili Meno NE sideYes
46260106Gili Meno SE sideYes
46260107Deep TurboYes
46260108Shark PointYes
46260109Hidden ReefYes
46260110Bounty WreckYes
462701East Bali (incl. Nusa Penida; E. of Singjara - Kuta)
46270101Mangrove Point (Nusa Lembongan)Yes
46270102Giant Trevally (Nusa Penida)Yes
46270103Wall Bay (Nusa Penida)Yes
46270105Sidem MacroYes
46270106Gili TepekongYes
46270107Gili MimpangYes
46270108Manta PointYes
46270109Jetty, Amok BayYes
46270110Blue Lagoon Drop OffYes
46270111Drop Off, Blue LagoonYes
46270112Blue LagoonYes
46270113Temple, Blue LagoonYes
46270114Tanjun JabunYes
46270115White Sand BeachYes
46270116Tulamben Drop OffYes
46270117Tulamben Coral GardenYes
46270118Liberty Ship WreckYes
46270119Crystal BayYes
46270120Manta PointYes
462702West Bali (W. of Kuta - Singara)
46270201Taman Sari Bali ResortYes
46270202Bajul Bay (Pemuteran / Menjangan)Yes
46270203Pulau Menjangan Drop OffYes
46270204POS 1 / Jetty Post 1 (Menjangan)Yes
46270205Underwater Cave (Menjangen)Yes
46270206POS 2 / Jetty Post 2 (Menjangen)Yes
5Western Indonesia (Greater Sunda Islands incl. Borneo) and Malaysia
51Greater Sunda Islands Indonesia (and Brunai)
510101East Java
510102Central Java
510103West Java
51010401Karimunjawa Menjangan KecilYes
51010402Karimunjawa Menjangan BesarYes
51010403Karimunjawa Pulau BurungYes
51010404Karimunjawa Cemera KecilYes
51010405Karimunjawa Cemera BesarYes
51010406Karimunjawa Gosong SelokaYes
51010407Karimunjawa Palau GosongYes
51010408Karimunjawa Gosong TengahYes
510301Aceh (Sumatra)
51030101Pulau Weh Paradise House ReefYes
51030102Gapang Bay House ReefYes
51030103Limbo (Gapang)Yes
5201Peninsular Malaysia
520101West Peninsular Malaysia
520102East Peninsular Malaysia
52010201HMS Repulse WreckYes
5202East Malaysia- Sarawak and Sabah
6Andaman Sea; Gulf of Thailand; and South China Sea
61Andaman Sea (Andaman and Nicobar Islands, W. Thailand, and Myanmar)
6101Nicobar Islands
6102Andaman Islands
6104Southern Thailand
610401Surin Islands
61040101Richelieu RockYes
610402Similan Islands
61040201Koh Bon / Koh Bon West RidgeYes
61040202Breakfast BendYes
61040203West of EdenYes
61040204Anita's ReefYes
61040206Koh Tachai PinnacleYes
61040207Koh Bon PinnacleYes
61040208South of EdenYes
61040209Beacon ReefYes
61040210Koh Tachai ReefYes
61040211Deep SixYes
61040212Elephant Rock / Elephant HeadYes
610403Phuket and nearby islands
61040301Koh Dok MaiYes
61040302Shark PointYes
61040303Koh Bida NokYes
61040304Koh Haa Nua #1 - The ChimneyYes
61040305Hin DaengYes
61040306Hin MuangYes
61040307Koh Bida NaiYes
61040308Turtle Bay Maya NorthNo - report
61040309Koh Haa Yai #1 - The CathedralYes
61040310Koh Haa Lagoon #4Yes
61040311Koh Haa Rock #6No - report
61040312Marita's Rock (Marina Bay - Racha Noi)Yes
61040313Racha Noi BayYes
61040314Racha Yai Bay 1 & 2Yes
61040315Koh Haa #3Yes
61040316Koh Haa Cave #5Yes
61040317Kled KaewYes
61040318Hin KlangYes
61040319Hin Bida / Shark PointYes
62Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea (E. Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam)
6201Eastern Thailand
620101Narathiwat, Pattani, Songkhla, Nakhon Si Thammarat
620102Surat Thani (incl. Koh Samui)
620103Chumphon (incl. Koh Tao)
620104Prachuap Khiri Khan, Phetchaburi
620105Samut Songkhram - Chachoengsao
620106Chonburi (incl. Pattaya and Sattahip area)
620107Rayong Province
62010701Alhambra Rock / Hin Alhambra WestYes
62010702Alhambra Rock / Hin Alhambra EastYes
620108Chanthaburi Province
620109Trat Province (incl. Koh Chang)
620301Nha Trang Bay Marine Protected Area
62030101Fisherman's BightYes
62030102Small RockYes
63China (South China Sea)
6301Hong Kong SAR
630101New Territories
63010101Shelter Island SouthYes
63010102Shelter Island NorthYes
63010103Bluff IslandYes
63010104Lung Wa Wan (shore dive)Yes
63010105Long Ke Wan BayYes
63010106Conic IslandYes
63010107Little Palm Beach EastYes
63010108Little Palm Beach WestYes
63010109Basalt Island SW sideYes
63010110Port Island (Hong Kong)Yes
65South Japanese Islands (incl. Yaeyama, Okinawa, Kagoshima, Daito)
6501Yaeyama Islands
6502Okinawa Islands
650201Okinawa Mainland
65020101Zampa Misaki / Bolo PointYes
65020102Maeda FlatsYes
65020103Maeda Point / Maeda MisakiYes
65020104Big Time ResortYes
65020105Water Treatment PlantYes
65020106Water Treatment Plant #2Yes
65020107Sunabe Seawall / Curry HouseYes
65020108Sunabe Seawall / Arc DiveYes
65020109Sunabe Seawall JunkyardYes
65020110Runway LightsYes
65020111Kadena NorthYes
65020113Kadena StepsYes
65020114Devils CoveYes
65020115Malibu BeachYes
65020116Onna PointYes
65020117Horse Shoe BeachYes
65020118Toilet BowlYes
65020119Seragaki Inner ReefYes
65020120Seregaki Outer ReefYes
65020121Gorilla ChopYes
65020122Eagle PipesYes
65020123USS EmmonsYes
65020124Okuma NorthYes
65020125Hedo DomeYes
65020126Hedo MisakiYes
65020127Hedo Three PoolsYes
65020128Kin BlueYes
65020129Kin RedYes
65020130Tengan PierYes
65020132Mama San BeachYes
65020133Southern LinksYes
65020134Suicide CliffsYes
65020135Channel CrevassYes
650202Kerama Islands
650203Kume, Tonaki, Aguni Islands
6503Kagoshima Islands
6504Daito Islands
71Luzon Region (incl. Batanes and Babuyan Islands)
7101Anilao Area-Batangas Calumpan Peninsula and Maricaban Island
71010001Cathedral RockNo - report
71010002Eagle PointNo - report
71010003MainitNo - report
71010004Kirby's Reef / Kirby's Rock (Caban Island)Yes
71010005Beatrice RockNo - report
71010006Bethlehem / Better than Lembeh (Marcaban Island)Yes
71010007Bahura (Anilao)No - report
71010008Sepoc WallNo - report
71010009MapatingNo - report
71010010Nelson's RockNo - report
71010011Arthur's Rock/Crystal Blue Resort House ReefNo - report
71010012Secret Bay SouthYes
71010013Secret Bay NorthYes
71010014Darilaud (Caban Island)Yes
71010015Layeg Layeg (Caban Island)Yes
71010016Anilao PierYes
71010017Minet BubblesYes
71010018Sand ViewYes
71010019Secret Garden (Buleo Resort)Yes
71010020Twin Rock (Planet Dive Resort)Yes
71010021Dead PalmYes
71010022El Sombrero (Caban Island)Yes
71010025Anilao Beach Club House ReefYes
71010026Dive & Trek House ReefYes
7102Puerto Galera (Mindoro)
71020001GAL-42 BouldersYes
71020007West EscarceoYes
71020008Manila ChannelYes
71020010Lalaguna LagoonYes
71020011Sinandigan WallYes
71020012Dungon Wall / Dungon BeachYes
71020013Coral CoveYes
71020014Kilima Beach / StepsYes
71020015Fantasea ReefNo - report
71020016Sabang PointYes
71020017Sabang WrecksYes
71020018MontaniNo - report
71020019SLL ReefNo - report
71020020Ernie's PointYes
71020022The Giant ClamsNo - report
71020023Wreck PointYes
7103Verde Island
71030006NW Corner Verde IslandYes
71030009The Drop Off/Pinnacle (Verde Island)No - report
71030010Coral Gardens (Verde Island)No - report
7104Tablas, Romblon, Sibuyan and surrounding islands
710401Tablas Island
71040101Binocot BeachYes
71040102Hinag-Oman BayYes
71040103Budiong Fish SanctuaryYes
71040104Odiongan/Ferrol BoundaryYes
710402Romblon Island
72Visayas Region
7201Samar Island
7202Leyte Island
7203Bohol Island
720301Panglao Island
72030101Alona Beach House Reef - WreckYes
72030102Arco PointYes
72030103Danao WallYes
720302Balicasag Island
72030201Diver's Heaven / Rico's WallYes
72030202Black Forest / Royal GardenYes
72030203Cathedral WallYes
72030204Balicasag Marine SanctuaryYes
72030205Ambo PointYes
720303Cabilao Island
72030301La Estrella House ReefYes
72030303Cabilao Marine SanctuaryYes
72030305Fallen TreeYes
7204Cebu Island
72040001Oslob Whale Shark StationYes
72040101Panagsama Beach House Reef / Sardine DiveYes
72040102White BeachYes
72040105Tongo PointNo - report
72040106SanctuaryNo - report
72040107Copton PointNo - report
720402Pescador Island
72040201Pescador WestYes
72040202Pescador EastYes
72040203NW Wall (Pescador Island)No - report
720403Sumilon Island
72040301Sumilon Guard HouseNo - report
72040302LighthouseNo - report
72040303Cottage PointNo - report
720404Calangaman Island
72040401Black Coral PointYes
72040402NW Corner Calangaman IslandYes
720405Gato Island
72040501West Wall Gato IslandYes
72040502East Wall Gato IslandYes
720406Malapascua Island incl. Monad Shoal
72040601Deep RockYes
72040602Deep SlopeYes
72040604Monad ShoalYes
7205Negros Island
720501Dauin (South of Dumaguete)
72050101MainitNo - report
72050102San Miguel NorthYes
72050103San Miguel TiresNo - report
72050104San Miguel Reef SouthYes
72050105Atlantis Dumaguete House ReefYes
72050106Sahara ReefYes
72050107Sahara DeepNo - report
72050108PuntaNo - report
72050109CeresNo - report
72050110Shallow CarsNo - report
72050111Cars / Car WreckNo - report
72050112Dauin NorteYes
72050113Dauin SurNo - report
72050115Masaplod NorteNo - report
72050116PyramidsNo - report
72050117Masaplod Sur (South)Yes
72050118Bahura / Northern Bahura (Dumaguete Mandarinfish Dive)No - report
72050119Pura Vida House Reef / Luca SanctuaryYes
72050121VIP House ReefYes
72050122Nain NorthNo - report
72050123invalid location (dupe with 72050118)No - report
720502Apo Island
72050202BaluarteNo - report
72050203Chapel PointYes
72050205Rock Point WestYes
72050206Coconut PointNo - report
72050207Cogon PointNo - report
72050208Mamsa PointNo - report
72050209Kan-uranNo - report
72050210Marine SanctuaryNo - report
72050211Rock Point EastNo - report
720503Siquijor Island
72050301Mai-tiNo - report
72050302Paliton Wall South / Paliton 1Yes
72050303Paliton Wall North / Paliton 2Yes
72050304TambisanNo - report
72050305Staghorn PointYes
7206Panay Island
720601Borocay Island
72060101DiniwidNo - report
72060102BalinghaiNo - report
72060103Angol PointNo - report
73Mindanao Region
7301Zamboanga Peninsula
7302Northern Mindanao
73020001Agutayan Island / White Island Marine SanctuaryYes
73020002Sunset Beach (near Lugait) / Rendo's ReefYes
73020003Banaug Pinnacle / Mantangale House ReefYes
73020004Sipaca BatoYes
73020005Mantangale MuckYes
73020007Aquarium (Duka Resort)Yes
73020008Santa InezYes
7303Davao Region
7306ARMM (mainland Mindanao)
7307Sulu Archipelago
7308Camiguin Island
73080001Mantigue IslandYes
73080002Cabuan Yes
73080003Giant Clam Sanctuary / Cantaan Clam Garden / Kabila BeachYes
7309Dinagat Island
7310Siargao Island
74Palawan Region
7401Tubbataha Reef
74010001Seafan Alley (North Atoll)No - report
74010002Washing Machine (North Atoll)Yes
74010003Shark Airport/Sharky Shallows(North Atoll)Yes
74010004East Face (North Atoll)No - report
74010005South Park (North Atoll)No - report
74010006Gorgonian Channel (North Atoll)No - report
74010007Amos Rock (North Atoll)Yes
74010008Ranger Station #1,2,3 (North Atoll)Yes
74010009Malayan Wreck/Malayan Point/Malayan Wall (North Atoll)Yes
74010010Terraces (North Atoll)No - report
74010011T Wreck (South Atoll)No - report
74010012Black Rock - North Face (South Atoll)No - report
74010013Black Rock - East Face (South Atoll)Yes
74010014Delsan Wreck (South Atoll)Yes
74010015Delsan Corner (South Atoll)No - report
74010016Staghorn Point(South Atoll)Yes
74010017Lighthouse Wall (South Atoll)No - report
74010018Lighthouse Cove (South Atoll)No - report
74010019Ko-ok (South Atoll)No - report
74010020Eiger Wall (South Atoll)No - report
74010021Wall Street (North Atoll)Yes
74010022Triggerfish City (South Atoll)Yes
74010023SW Wall (South Atoll)Yes
74010024D. Schubba (North Atoll)No - report
74010025Jessie Beazley Reef - EastNo - report
74010026Jessie Beazley Reef - WestYes
8Micronesia (incl. Marianas; Palau; Guam; Federated States; Marshall Isl.)
81Northern Mariana Islands
8101Northern Group Northern Mariana Islands
8102Southern Group Northern Mariana Islands
81020101Grotto in SaipanNo - report
81020102Eagle Ray cityNo - report
810202Tinian and Aguijan
81020201Fleming WallNo - report
81020202Twin CoralNo - report
81020203Dump CoveNo - report
81020204Tinian GrottoNo - report
81020301Senhanom Cave / Rota HoleYes
81020302Sub Chaser 1 (at Coral Garden)No - report
81020303A-FrameNo - report
81020304Cable RunNo - report
81020305Coral GardenYes
81020306East HarborNo - report
81020307FireworksNo - report
81020308French TunnelNo - report
81020309Harnom PointNo - report
81020310Hobbit HouseNo - report
81020311Jerry's ReefNo - report
81020312Joanne's Reef / Johanne's ReefYes
81020313Liyang Rai / King's CaveNo - report
81020314Pearlman TunnelNo - report
81020315Pinatang Park / Pinatang ReefYes
81020316Pona PointNo - report
81020317Sailigai Tunnel / Sailigai ArchYes
81020318Senhanom Wall / Senhanom ReefYes
81020319Shoun MaruNo - report
81020320Smuggler Ships of IlekNo - report
810203217 ScrewsNo - report
81020322Snake EyesNo - report
81020323Sub Chaser 2No - report
81020324Songton Reef (Sunset Villa)No - report
81020325Table TopNo - report
81020326Takatoshi PointNo - report
81020327Turtle RidgeNo - report
81020329First Point (south side of Wedding Cake Mtn.)Yes
82010001Pati PointNo - report
82010002Scuba CutNo - report
82010003Ritidian PointNo - report
82010004Napoleon CutNo - report
82010005Octopus ReefNo - report
82010006The TunnelNo - report
82010007Double ReefNo - report
82010008The PinnacleNo - report
82010009Northern CavesNo - report
82010010Tanguisson BeachNo - report
82010011Gun BeachNo - report
82010012Big BlueNo - report
82010013Hilton WallNo - report
82010014Palace WallNo - report
82010015Agana BayNo - report
82010016Asan CutNo - report
82010017Camel RockNo - report
82010018Piti Bomb HolesYes
82010019Piti StingraysNo - report
82010020Piti ChannelNo - report
82010021AmphitheaterNo - report
82010022LuminaoNo - report
82010023Blue & WhiteYes
82010024RMS ScotiaNo - report
82010025The WallNo - report
82010026Blue HoleYes
82010027CreviceNo - report
82010028Barracuda RockNo - report
82010029Sharks PitYes
82010030Old Wive's BeachNo - report
82010031Dadi BeachNo - report
82010032Rizal BeachNo - report
82010033Hap's ReefNo - report
82010034Cemetery WallNo - report
82010035AmtrakNo - report
8201003611 Mile ReefNo - report
82010037Fish BowlNo - report
82010038Anae CavesNo - report
82010039Coral GardensNo - report
82010040Pete's ReefNo - report
82010041Black Coral KingdomNo - report
82010042Nathan's DentNo - report
82010043Twin Drop-offNo - report
82010044Fouha BayNo - report
82010045Umatec BeachNo - report
82010046Toguon BayNo - report
82010047Bile BayNo - report
82010048Cocos WestNo - report
82010049Cocos EastNo - report
82010050Glory PointNo - report
82010051InarajanNo - report
82010052TagachangNo - report
82010053Pago Bay Marine LabNo - report
82010054Fish Eye Marine ParkYes
82010055Hilton Guam Resort and Spa House BeachNo - report
820101Apra Harbor
82010101American TankerYes
82010102Barge ReefNo - report
82010103Cabras WallNo - report
82010104Coke Bottle ReefNo - report
82010105Family BeachNo - report
82010106Finger ReefYes
82010107Fuel PierNo - report
82010108Gab Gab IYes
82010109Gab Gab IIYes
82010110Hidden ReefNo - report
82010111Hourglass ReefNo - report
82010112Kitsugawa MaruNo - report
82010113Outhouse BeachNo - report
82010114San LuisNo - report
82010115Sea PlaneNo - report
82010116Seabee JunkyardNo - report
82010117SMS CormoranYes
82010118Spanish StepsNo - report
82010119Sponge ReefNo - report
82010120Sumay IINo - report
82010121Surprise ReefNo - report
82010122Tokai MaruYes
82010123TugNo - report
82010124Val BomberNo - report
82010125Veckis ReefNo - report
82010126Western ShoalsYes
83010001Sam's Tours PierYes
83010002St. Cardinal's #1 (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010003St. Cardinal's #2 (Inner lagoon) Yes
83010004Chandelier Cave (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010005Short Drop Off (SE of Koror)Yes
83010006Neco's Bay / Wall (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010007Pincher's Lagoon (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010008Disney Lake (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010009Rembrandt's (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010010Ngedebus Coral GardenYes
83010012New Drop OffYes
83010013Turtle Cove Yes
83010014Iro Wreck (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010015German Channel Yes
83010016Blue Corner-south Yes
83010017Big Drop Off (Ngemelis Island)Yes
83010018Blue HoleNo - report
830100191/2 a Day WreckNo - report
83010020Barnum's WallNo - report
83010021Ulong ChannelYes
83010022Sandy Bar / Sandy ParadiseYes
83010023Siaes TunnelYes
83010024Ngemeli's WallNo - report
83010025German WallNo - report
83010026German Coral GardenNo - report
83010027Jake's Seaplane (near runway)No - report
83010029Fern's Dropoff / Turtle WallYes
83010030Wonder ChannelYes
83010031Clam CityYes
83010032Ngerechong OutsideYes
83010033Denges PassYes
83010034Helmet / Depth Charger Wreck Yes
83010035Lighthouse ChannelYes
83010036Mandarinfish LakeYes
83010037Ulong House Reef (Aggressor Anchorage)Yes
83010038Alexis Coral GardenYes
83010039Siaes CornerYes
83010040Dexter's Wall / Ngemelis Coral GardenYes
83010041Palau Pacific Resort House ReefYes
84Federated States of Micronesia
8401Yap Islands
84010001StammtischNo - report
84010002Mi'l / Miil ChannelYes
84010004Buena VistaYes
84010005Yap CavernsYes
84010006Telegraph ReefYes
84010007Slow N EasyYes
84010008O'Keefe's ReefNo - report
84010009Aliko ReefNo - report
84010010Spanish WallsYes
84010011Magic KingdomYes
84010012Lionfish WallNo - report
84010013Goofnuw ChannelYes
84010014Goofnuw Mini-wallNo - report
84010015Cabbage PatchYes
84010016Gilman WallYes
84010017North Pass (just N of Tradewind)No - report
84010018O'Keefe's PassageNo - report
84010019Gapou ReefNo - report
84010020Hide & SeekNo - report
84010021Pealak CornerNo - report
84010022Ma MangrovesNo - report
84010023Rainbow Reef (Mandarinfish Site)No - report
8402Chuuk (Truk) Islands
8403Pohnpei Islands
8404Kosrae Island
85Marshall Islands
8501Ratak Chain
8502Ralik Chain
99990000Placeholder Zone Code (DO NOT SUBMIT)No - report
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