Zone code 8: Micronesia (incl. Marianas; Palau; Guam; Federated States; Marshall Isl.)


Zone CodeNameHave Coordinates?
81Northern Mariana Islands
8101Northern Group Northern Mariana Islands
8102Southern Group Northern Mariana Islands
81020101Grotto in SaipanNo - report
81020102Eagle Ray cityNo - report
810202Tinian and Aguijan
81020201Fleming WallNo - report
81020202Twin CoralNo - report
81020203Dump CoveNo - report
81020204Tinian GrottoNo - report
81020301Senhanom Cave / Rota HoleYes
81020302Sub Chaser 1 (at Coral Garden)No - report
81020303A-FrameNo - report
81020304Cable RunNo - report
81020305Coral GardenYes
81020306East HarborNo - report
81020307FireworksNo - report
81020308French TunnelNo - report
81020309Harnom PointNo - report
81020310Hobbit HouseNo - report
81020311Jerry's ReefNo - report
81020312Joanne's Reef / Johanne's ReefYes
81020313Liyang Rai / King's CaveNo - report
81020314Pearlman TunnelNo - report
81020315Pinatang Park / Pinatang ReefYes
81020316Pona PointNo - report
81020317Sailigai Tunnel / Sailigai ArchYes
81020318Senhanom Wall / Senhanom ReefYes
81020319Shoun MaruNo - report
81020320Smuggler Ships of IlekNo - report
810203217 ScrewsNo - report
81020322Snake EyesNo - report
81020323Sub Chaser 2No - report
81020324Songton Reef (Sunset Villa)No - report
81020325Table TopNo - report
81020326Takatoshi PointNo - report
81020327Turtle RidgeNo - report
81020329First Point (south side of Wedding Cake Mtn.)Yes
82010001Pati PointNo - report
82010002Scuba CutNo - report
82010003Ritidian PointNo - report
82010004Napoleon CutNo - report
82010005Octopus ReefNo - report
82010006The TunnelNo - report
82010007Double ReefNo - report
82010008The PinnacleNo - report
82010009Northern CavesNo - report
82010010Tanguisson BeachNo - report
82010011Gun BeachNo - report
82010012Big BlueNo - report
82010013Hilton WallNo - report
82010014Palace WallNo - report
82010015Agana BayNo - report
82010016Asan CutNo - report
82010017Camel RockNo - report
82010018Piti Bomb HolesYes
82010019Piti StingraysNo - report
82010020Piti ChannelNo - report
82010021AmphitheaterNo - report
82010022LuminaoNo - report
82010023Blue & WhiteYes
82010024RMS ScotiaNo - report
82010025The WallNo - report
82010026Blue HoleYes
82010027CreviceNo - report
82010028Barracuda RockNo - report
82010029Sharks PitYes
82010030Old Wive's BeachNo - report
82010031Dadi BeachNo - report
82010032Rizal BeachNo - report
82010033Hap's ReefNo - report
82010034Cemetery WallNo - report
82010035AmtrakNo - report
8201003611 Mile ReefNo - report
82010037Fish BowlNo - report
82010038Anae CavesNo - report
82010039Coral GardensNo - report
82010040Pete's ReefNo - report
82010041Black Coral KingdomNo - report
82010042Nathan's DentNo - report
82010043Twin Drop-offNo - report
82010044Fouha BayNo - report
82010045Umatec BeachNo - report
82010046Toguon BayNo - report
82010047Bile BayNo - report
82010048Cocos WestNo - report
82010049Cocos EastNo - report
82010050Glory PointNo - report
82010051InarajanNo - report
82010052TagachangNo - report
82010053Pago Bay Marine LabNo - report
82010054Fish Eye Marine ParkYes
82010055Hilton Guam Resort and Spa House BeachNo - report
820101Apra Harbor
82010101American TankerYes
82010102Barge ReefNo - report
82010103Cabras WallNo - report
82010104Coke Bottle ReefNo - report
82010105Family BeachNo - report
82010106Finger ReefYes
82010107Fuel PierNo - report
82010108Gab Gab IYes
82010109Gab Gab IIYes
82010110Hidden ReefNo - report
82010111Hourglass ReefNo - report
82010112Kitsugawa MaruNo - report
82010113Outhouse BeachNo - report
82010114San LuisNo - report
82010115Sea PlaneNo - report
82010116Seabee JunkyardNo - report
82010117SMS CormoranYes
82010118Spanish StepsNo - report
82010119Sponge ReefNo - report
82010120Sumay IINo - report
82010121Surprise ReefNo - report
82010122Tokai MaruYes
82010123TugNo - report
82010124Val BomberNo - report
82010125Veckis ReefNo - report
82010126Western ShoalsYes
83010001Sam's Tours PierYes
83010002St. Cardinal's #1 (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010003St. Cardinal's #2 (Inner lagoon) Yes
83010004Chandelier Cave (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010005Short Drop Off (SE of Koror)Yes
83010006Neco's Bay / Wall (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010007Pincher's Lagoon (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010008Disney Lake (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010009Rembrandt's (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010010Ngedebus Coral GardenYes
83010012New Drop OffYes
83010013Turtle Cove Yes
83010014Iro Wreck (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010015German Channel Yes
83010016Blue Corner-south Yes
83010017Big Drop Off (Ngemelis Island)Yes
83010018Blue HoleNo - report
830100191/2 a Day WreckNo - report
83010020Barnum's WallNo - report
83010021Ulong ChannelYes
83010022Sandy Bar / Sandy ParadiseYes
83010023Siaes TunnelYes
83010024Ngemeli's WallNo - report
83010025German WallNo - report
83010026German Coral GardenNo - report
83010027Jake's Seaplane (near runway)No - report
83010029Fern's Dropoff / Turtle WallYes
83010030Wonder ChannelYes
83010031Clam CityYes
83010032Ngerechong OutsideYes
83010033Denges PassYes
83010034Helmet / Depth Charger Wreck Yes
83010035Lighthouse ChannelYes
83010036Mandarinfish LakeYes
83010037Ulong House Reef (Aggressor Anchorage)Yes
83010038Alexis Coral GardenYes
83010039Siaes CornerYes
83010040Dexter's Wall / Ngemelis Coral GardenYes
83010041Palau Pacific Resort House ReefYes
84Federated States of Micronesia
8401Yap Islands
84010001StammtischNo - report
84010002Mi'l / Miil ChannelYes
84010004Buena VistaYes
84010005Yap CavernsYes
84010006Telegraph ReefYes
84010007Slow N EasyYes
84010008O'Keefe's ReefNo - report
84010009Aliko ReefNo - report
84010010Spanish WallsYes
84010011Magic KingdomYes
84010012Lionfish WallNo - report
84010013Goofnuw ChannelYes
84010014Goofnuw Mini-wallNo - report
84010015Cabbage PatchYes
84010016Gilman WallYes
84010017North Pass (just N of Tradewind)No - report
84010018O'Keefe's PassageNo - report
84010019Gapou ReefNo - report
84010020Hide & SeekNo - report
84010021Pealak CornerNo - report
84010022Ma MangrovesNo - report
84010023Rainbow Reef (Mandarinfish Site)No - report
8402Chuuk (Truk) Islands
8403Pohnpei Islands
8404Kosrae Island
85Marshall Islands
8501Ratak Chain
8502Ralik Chain
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