REEF Programs for Divers


The Florida Keys are home to one of the most magnificent coral reef systems in the World. The unique habitat draws divers from around the globe! But, many divers want to do more than just sightsee underwater....

The REEF Explorers Program for Dive Clubs offers the opportunity to learn something new and enjoy more exciting, worthwhile dives. Our goal is to enable reacreational divers to help monitor marine ecosystems and contribute to meaningful research.

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These are just some of the amazing experiences REEF can offer your dive club:

⦁ Learn to identiy the most common fish species of the Florida Keys

⦁ Obtain your level 2 fish surveyor rating

⦁ Earn permit to remove Invasive Lionfish from inside Sanctuary Preservation Areas

⦁ Interact with and learn from REEF fish experts on dive trips

⦁ Experience a lionfish hunt, and try your hand at a pole spear



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