REEF Marine Conservation Internship - Application



Ellie Splain
(305) 852-0030
PO Box 246
Key Largo, FL 33037 


Send the following materials to REEF via email or mail.

- Completed Application Form which is available for download below in both PDF and Word Document form. If you are having trouble accessing either version of the application, email Depending on the browser you use to open the PDF link from the internship webpage, you may need to download the PDF, then save the file to your desktop as a new file using the “Save As” function. Before sending in your application, please confirm that the PDF or Word Document has saved your text correctly. 

- Resume and Cover Letter

- Letter of reference from at least one previous or current professor, supervisor, employer, or other non-related individual whom you have worked or studied with for a significant period of time. This person should be able to speak about previous experiences and personal characteristics that make you a strong candidate for the internship


Fall: Applications must be received by June 18.
Spring: Applications must be received by October 23.
Summer: Applications must be recieved by March 12.

Note for summer applicants:

December 31 if you are applying for the Our World Underwater Scholarship Society funded internship. 

March 12 if you are applying for the Heppell REEF Marine Conservation Internship Scholarship.


Candidates will be notified shortly after the application deadline of the semester for which they apply.

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