Help With a Blennie/Gobie


Observed in a tidal pool at Iberostar Ensenachos. Fish seemed to have the same markings, but in both a dark shade and lighter shade. I do realize that ID may be difficult, since the pics are taken from above. Only had my iPhone at the time.... Thx in advance for any feedback.


These belong to the Frillfin family but I am unable to ID to species as many are very similar. 

Good point and thanks.

Always grateful for the assistance....

Always happy to help

This past year while in Grand Cayman I laid in tidepools created along the iron-shore to photograph Frillfins. The ones I found were later identified as Bathygobius antillensis, Antilles frillfin. The frillfin family is large and species confirmation is difficult but I commend you for taking the time to photograph these guys, most people wouldn't think of putting a camera in a tidepool!

Happy New Year Jeff and keep those photos coming!


How Coincidental...

As I was reading this, I already had your four pics of the Antilles Frillfin on a separate screen. Great shots. All the best in 2015.

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