Opinions on this Blenny....


This little guy was seen flitting about on a coral head in 15 feet of water. The location was at Jibacoa, Cuba.


Hi Jeff,

What you found is a member of the Triplefin family, Enneanectes. There are 8 known species in the Tropical Western Atlantic and at least 4 are known to be in Cuba, the Roughhead, the Lofty, the Blackedge and the Redeye and all very similar looking. 

I won't guess which one you found but they are small and very well camouflaged so consider yourself lucky!


ps OK I'll guess, I think it could be the Roughhead, E. boehlkei :)

Greatly Appreciated

Thx Carlos....I think you hit the nail on the head (I knew you couldn't resist putting forth a "guess").

I will be posting one or two more "toughies"....with the hopes you'll be tempted again  ;)


Those will probably have to wait till I get back from Fiji, heading out today to meet the gang from REEF in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! Keep posting.


So jealous.....enjoy!!

So jealous.....enjoy!!

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