I am thinking barred hamlet, but I have a history of trouble IDing hamlets.  I rejected butter hamlet and I am sort of rejecting hybrid.  First of all, is it a hamlet?  What species?  What are the telltales?

May 9, 2015, near Christ Statue, Key Largo, Florida, 18 feet deep, bottom temperature 81 degrees, reef structure, fish near the bottom, swimming above the reef, about 7 inches long.  The fish refused to pose properly for my photos; this is the better of two pictures I took.

Thank You,



Hi Marty,

I think you got it right, this is the Barred hamlet, Hypoplectrus puella


The only other hamlet that closely resembles this species is the Florida barred hamlet sometimes called the Floridian hamlet, Hypoplectrus floridae. Tho only tell-tale difference is that the latter has two spots at the base of the tail.




You are a special gift to us.  Thank you. 

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