Greenblotch Parrotfish, maybe Creole Wrasse?


I went diving in Jupiter, FL over the weekend, and twice encountered a fish (or two, or three?) that stumped me on a couple of dives.  In both cases, they were mixed with about a dozen juvenile grunts.  The depth was approximately 75 feet, just above the bottom ov the reef ledge.  Water was 84 degrees with a very strong current (we drifted through 3 dive sites in 45 minutes).  

Because of the current, it was difficult to get clear pictures, but I hope these are sufficient.  I'm leaning toward Greenblotch Parrotfish on the first one, due to the shape and red iris.  However, I've never seen a blue greenblotch, and the dark marks on the back resemble those of a Creole Wrasse.

The second photo I'm less certain about, especially given what appears to be a dark mark on the dorsal.  I can't say for certain, but I think this is a different species from the first photo.

The third photo appears to be the same species as the second, but with a better side view.

I encountered both greenblotches and creole wrasses on the this dive.


Any help would be much appreciated.  Again, apologies for the image quality.




The first image could be a Creole wrasse, it certainly isn't a Greenblotch parrotfish.

As for the other two I'm afraid I cant see enough detail to make a guess, sorry.


Thanks, Carlos

Thanks for trying.  While the ride on the current was quite nice, it didn't make for good quality photos.

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