Orangespotted blenny?


I saw these two blennies several inches from each other at the Blue Heron Bridge.  Am I correct in thinking that they are orangespotted blennies?  The water was 84 degrees, soft/rubble bottom, 5-10 feet.


Thank you!



Hi Allison,

Well definitely not the Orangespotted as this species has dark and light bars on the back half of the body. This leaves us with the Seaweed and Atlantic Oyster blenny and I can't make out the face/snout clearly enough to say one way or another.

The Seaweed likes to live on the bottom while the Oyster likes barnacles near the top five feet so based on you saying it was on the rubble I'd lean towards Seaweed.


Seaweed blenny

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for the suggestions.  As it turns out, I saw some seaweed bpennies at another site today who had small patches of the same pattern.  The spotted pattern across the snout on these two had thrown us off.

More blennies to come (my weakness in fish id).



A photo of an Orangespotted blenny, H. springeri

As you can see the "spots" are not so much spots as they are elongated markings. The other blenny sometimes confused with these two because of the name is the Tessellated blenny because that one does have "spots".

We came up with a few memory tricks to help remember the difference:

Seaweed blenny - "Blue lattice, seaweed status", referring to the blue lattice-like lines on face, cheek and snout.

Tessellated - "Black ring around red on body and head" - the red spots are circled by a black ring/edge

Orangespotted blenny - "Orange bling without black ring" - the orange is not circled in black

Hope that helps!


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