Request for verification of a few Florida Keys Invertebrates


I was diving in the Florida Keys May 11-16 this year, taking underwater photos. I have been diving for 38 years and have a particular interest in invertebrates. Being that I am from Washington State, I am unfamiliar with some of the invertebrates that I saw in the Florida Keys. As references for identification I have been using Reef Creature Identification - Florida Caribbean Bahamas (Humann, Deloach, Wilk), Reef Coral Identification - Florida Caribbean Bahamas (Humann, Deloach), Identifications guides for South Atlantic Invertebrates & Algae, and several online resources.


Using the above references, I've selected names of the invertebrates I photographed to the best of my abilities.  In most cases, I have used the jpg file name to indicate common name, genus & species. However, in a few instances the jpg file name does not contain any identification designation because I could not come close to a suggested ID.  I would greatly appreciate your assistance in verifying or correcting my identification attempts in the photos in the Drop Box links below.

Alternatively, if someone knows a person who is familiar with Florida Keys invertebrate taxonomy, I would appreciate help in making contact with that person.


May 11: Christmas Tree Reef and Turtle Ledge (two photos)


May 13: Looe Key – Shark Alley & Nursery


May 14: Pleasant Reef, Davis Reef (7 photos)


May 15: Pete's Reef, Shark Reef (3 photos)


May 16: Spanky's Reef, Shark Reef (6 photos)


Carl Baird Arlington, Washington



sponge id

May 14: Pleasant Reef, Davis Reef (7 photos) P5140983A Loggerhead Sponge: looks rather like a blackball sponge than a loggerhead


Thank you for the correction on P5140983A.  Can you tell me if I identified the critters in the other 6 Pleasant Reef, Davis Reef photos correctly?

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