Parrot fish


This fish was seen on the plantlife covered deck of a sunken ship at 70 ft off southern coast of NC.  It kept swimming around and it took several tries (and two dives) to get these pictures.  I have not seen this one before.  Likely candidates are IP emerald, IP buck tooth, or IP green blotch.  About 4 inches long.  Note that there does appear to be a dark spot at base of pectoral fin.  One photo seems to show a dark edge to anal fin.  I lean toward a bucktooth.  What do you all think?


Steve, I can't really tell from the images, not enough detail. Having said that the 3rd image certainly has the coloration of an Emerald


Thanks for the link.  At max

Thanks for the link.  At max resolution I could match up some of the more subtle parts of the coloration of that photo with my fish photos.  Certainly looks like an Emerald.


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