Dusky or plain squirrelfish?


A squirrelfish I saw in Martinique in very shallow water last year.  I'm relatively inexperienced with squirrelfish, since they rarely show themselves to snorkelers in the Florida keys where it's lush and where I learned fish for years before I started diving.  This one is, to me, a bit ambiguous - are the dorsal spines really plain yellow?  Are those dark dusky stripes along the body, or just a dark version of the reddish stripes on a plain squirrelfish?  What about the white patches near the rear - usually I see those only on plain and longspine squirrelfish, can other species have them?


Appears to be a Longspine squirrelfish, take a look at the white pennants on the tip of the dorsal spines. Had it not had the white tips then it would have been a Squirrelfish. 


Huh, I'm used to really

Huh, I'm used to really obvious white triangles at the top of all the dorsal spines.  The white tips on this one are much subtler.  Thanks!

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