Mahogany snapper with big pectoral fin spot?


From the recent REEF trip to Saba.

It looks like a mahogany snapper.  But what's with that big black spot at the base of the pectoral fin?  I don't recall ever seeing a mahogany snapper with such a spot.  I took this photo of it because it puzzled me, for that reason.  Is it a mahogany or something else?

Definite Mahogany

From the photos I just looked at in ID books and the Reef Net DVD, that spot can range from yellow to dusky to dark.

Thanks.  It's light yellow in

Thanks.  It's light yellow in both photos in the Humann & DeLoach book, and I found a few with light red patches at the base of the pectoral on, but hadn't ever seen a dark spot there that I recall.  Now I know.

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