Pipefish? Couldn't find it in Reef Fish (Bluethroat Pikeblenny)


A couple of weeks ago in St. John, USVI .. 86 degree, ~10 feet of water I stumbled onto this guy.

He was about 2 inchs long. He came up from a hole in the sand and slowly move around watching me.




You found a Pikeblenny John! This is either a female or a juvenile male Bluethroat or Yellowface pikeblenny. Chaenopsis ocellata or C. limbaughi



Was in the book .. under 'Small, Elongated Bottom Dwellers' .. Why would I ever have thought to look there?

Not only the eyes are getting worst, but so is my thinking cap. 

Thanks again..   I'll try to think before I post next time.


p.s. Knowing a little more what to look for I agree a Bluethroat Pikeblenny .. us uncommon to absent in Caribbean.. so a good find.

If interested, I can post a couple more images.. one shows orange iris, another hight foredorsal fin.




Additional photos welcome

It might help to ID.

BTW your eyes rent the only ones Jay, I read jhowe and thought you were John...oops.

Added more pictures

I added 3 more pictures.. I think will help confirm.


thanks again,




Without a full view of the dorsal markings I can't tell but to be absolutely sure you have to count the pectoral fin rays, 12 for one species and 13 for the other!



I had 10 images.. none good enough..

You narrowed it down quite a bit.. thanks for your help and time



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