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This crab was seen in 25' of water, during a recent trip to Roatan. It possesses all the typical characteristics of the Channel Clinging Crab (Mithrax spinosissimus), except for this. It was HUGE! All of the reference material that I have examined, state that it can be 7-10 inches. This was at least 24-36 inches, as the surrounding large corals, can be used for scale. I have a video, which shows an intermediate Queen Parrotfish swimming by and it dwarfs it. Does anyone have an alternate ID or is this just a genetic anomaly?

Hi Jeff, I agree with you in

Hi Jeff,

I agree with you in that this is a Channel Clinging Crab. aka King Crab. Bear in mind that when size is mentioned in books, it's usually referring to the carapace only, not length from leg to leg. These are BIG crabs, and definitely what you saw.

Thanks (as always)

Totally in shock that it was that big....it makes make the ones I've previously viewed, look miniscule. Thank you for taking the time to confirm. I appreciate it :-)

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