I saw these 8-10 inch fish in about 5 feet of water in the Mexican Caribbean. I know the pictures are not great, but I was hoping they might be good enough to make an ID. Any help is appreciated!

white mullets, I think

I'm not sure, but they look like white mullets to me.  Mullets, I think, because their tails aren't forked enough for other similar fish like scads (jacks), mackerels, and sennets/barracudas.  White mullet, I think, because of:

a) Black rear edge of tail

b) Anal fin and rear dorsal fin are offset from each other, rather than matching like on a striped mullet.

c) In at least the first two pictures, they seem to have that big bluish-black blotch at the base of the pectoral fin.

If you'd posted just the third picture I'd be even less confident, because that blotch doesn't look clearly there, and the fins do line up.  But I don't think striped mullets get a black rear edge of the tail.  So to me that picture would look ambiguous.  With the other photos, I'm leaning strongly to white mullet.

Waiting for someone with more experience to confirm (or correct)...

I agree - white mullets.

I agree that these are the white mullets.


Island Barb, St. John

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