Two Difficult Ones from Holguin


Hello Everyone; I have two that I just can't identify and I'm extremely hopeful that someone may offer some insight on these. Typically members post pictures of fish, but I have two non-fish puzzlers. One is a crab observed in a tidepool, and although I have found some from down there that share some characteristics, there are also features present, that disprove it. To be quite frank, it displays all of the features of an invasive species that has spread along the Atlantic Coast....the Asian Shore Crab. I have found no mention of it being in Cuba. Thoughts anyone? The other one I'm hoping for comments on, is a white rubbery coral(?), which was protruding from underneath several ledges on a shallow reef. Some had even washed up on shore, due to rough seas and high winds, which allowed for a physical evamination of its texture...hence the rubbery observance. Suggestions of an ID or advice on where to go for reference or who to contact? Many thx in advance, Jeff

Two Difficult Ones from Holguin-Reply

The first just looks like a a juvenile Common Shore Crab (Pachygrapsus transversus)

I believe the second picture is some snail's eggs. At the bottom of the page give below are pictures I took of a Apple Murex Snail laying eggs, (I don't believe it was eating them,) She was laying them in shallow water under a small ledge.

Island Barb

Great Feedback

Hi Barb, I was so happy to read your reply. Once a professor from a University in England, who is in expert in coral/sponges, pointed out that it was a mollusk egg case, through process of elimination, I arrived at the Apple Murex ID as well. Thx for the similiar conclusion. With regards to the crab, a few experts in the US, feel that it is quite similar in appearance to the Asian shore crab. I'm leaning towards your observation. Ater viewing more pics of the Common Shore crab, it makes the most sense. I'd prefer to believe that this invasive species, has not made its way down there and that this is just a normally occurring crustacean. I appreciate you taking the time to share your opinion, it is valued.

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