Night dive in Bonaire


Anybody know what this guy is?  It was on a night dive in Bonaire in about 20 feet in a sand patch.  He kind of had a more pointed/spear like tail.




I would guess a guitarfish  

I would guess a guitarfish



What a cool find Amy! How big? Did it swim or bury itself further? 

I suspect this is a Brown garden eel even though I have never seen one lying on the bottom like that. Very interesting!


Amy I guessed the sand on


I guessed the sand on either side covered up wings (my incorrect guess)  guess it was just piled up sand.  Cool picture.



Is it possibly one of the small stargazers?  The eyes are in the right place, and stargazer tails are flattened vertically.  

More Info

So I'm sure this isn't a brown garden eel - I've had the pleasure of seeing one out of their hole before.  He was about the width of a garden eel though and maybe 4 inches or so long.  He was not very perturbed by my presence.  He got out of the sand twice which allowed me to see a clear pointed tail and then he'd burrow back into the sand like in the picture.  But he only ever moved over about 2 inches or so.  The strap from my camera even touched him and that didn't make him move.

So when I immediately consulted my Reef Fish bible after the dive the closest I could find was the dash back goby for the profile, but my guy seemed too long for the description and the dartfish also sort of fit what I saw but I'd expect dart fish to you know-dart away.

I see blue dartfish

I see blue dartfish frequently in NC.  They  hoover a few inches over the sand.  When disturbed they dart down tailfirst and completly disappear into the sand.


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