Unsure about this blenny (combtooth/ Blennidae)


Hi..I've been unable to identify this Blennid in Antigua. Found in Falmouth Harbour in the South of the island. One has been seen swimming freely, another 2 cohabiting a horizontal hole in sandbank, plus a few others. Habitat is seagrass bed (Thalassia testudinum), sandy bed and bank ~10m offshore, no rocks on shoreline 100m++ either direction, depth 3ft/ 1m. September 2017 in afternoons.

No obvious cirri, pronounced thick upper lip, tail and first dorsal also have the small dark spots. All specimens in this locality seen have the distinctive stripe going over the topof the head, through the eyes and down ( - some more clearly marked than others at various times of sighting). Length ~3 1/2-4" (8-10 cm). Any ideas...don't seem to be Pearl Blennies (E. nigricans)...any ideas?/


Not a Combtooth blenny. Goldspot goby, Gnatholepis thompsoni



Many thanks Carlos..I was

Many thanks Carlos..I was barking up the completely wrong tree..lips threw me :-(  Thanks again


No problem

Obi, check out on FB REEF TWA Fishwatchers https://www.facebook.com/groups/REEFTWA/


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