Blenny in Bonaire: Juv Hairy or Mimic?


This blenny is 3" - 4" long, in 3' of water in the surf zone, in rubble under a rock.  Couldn't get a side shot due to viper moray neighbor :-).  

Any thoughts on juvenile Hairy Blenny vs Mimic Blenny?



Mimic Blenny

Looks like you've found a nice Mimic Blenny, Labrisomus guppyi. The whitewash over the head is common and can fully obscure the dark spot on the cheek. The orange to red on the rear margin of the gill plate is still visible though and is a good distinguishing feature for these guys.

Nice find and pics!


Thank you!

Thank you!

Under rock

Just the the left of the blenny in the bottom picture I can see parts of some creature back in the shadows.  Almost like a brittle star or worm of some kind.  Any idea what it is?

Looks like a specie of pencil

Looks like a species of pencil urchin.


Your query

This is Eucidarus tribuloides, Slatepencil Urchin.. there are a few Diadematids with the same common name, but will be this species in Bonaire :-)


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