Thermal 130 Reusable Heat Pack


These new and improved Thermal 130 reusable heat packs from our friends at ZooKeeper are even better than before. They are larger than most heat packs on the market (4" x 6") and they heat up to 130˚- 135˚!

In the event of a lionfish sting underwater, the ZooKeeper Thermal 130 reuseable heat packs will allow you to place heat on the affected area. They can also be used to warm yourself up when diving in cold conditions. Just click the button, and the reaction begins. The liquid will solidify and become hot. Once used, just wrap heat pack in a small towel, place in boiling water for 10 minutes. Allow water to cool before removing heat pack from pot.

Two heat packs in the package.

Price: $16.00
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