Yellowmouth Grouper versus Scamp


I'm down in Roatan and observed this fish being cleaned in 20' of water yesterday. The photos aren't great, but I'm trying to decide on its identity. I've read a past discussion on this subject back in 2010 on this forum and found it equally confusing. I've also viewed pics from the Smithsonian site, as well as Google Images. There are literally identical photos, that identify it as a Scamp or a Yellowmouth. I know the Scamp is more common along the continental coast, which is wear I am. I'm hoping that someone out there, might see something distinguishable in my pics, to come to a conclusion, as to what I observed.


Any chance it's a Tiger Grouper, as there was a large number in the area. I'm not sure if the yellow mouth, disqualifies it or not. Hoping someone will shed some light on this. Thx in advance.

I agree, It's a Tiger Grouper

The tiger grouper or (Mycteroperca tigris) is much smaller than its counterparts. It can reach a meter length, but due to its elongated and sufficiently flat body, its weight does not exceed 10 kg. Body color is grayish green with white transverse lines. Prefers to stand alone among stones and rocks. For long distances the tiger grouper swims relatively slowly, so he hunts his prey from ambush, using his patronizing coloring. I provide writing services at EssayShark and I wrote an essay about this type before.

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