Blenny/triplefin from Florida Keys


This fish was seen on a mangrove root in a bayside canal in the middle Florida Keys on 6/23/18. Estimated in the 1-1.5 inch range it was extremely shy, constantly moving to the opposite side of the root from my camera allowing only these 2 not sharp images; one of the head and one of the body. The front part of the dorsal fin has led some to suspect a triplefin. I have seen many blennies in our studies in the keys but never a triplefin so I don't have experience to draw on but the rest of the dorsal doesn't seem right for triplefin. Juvenile Hairy Blenny has also been suggested. This fish is maybe 1/3 the size of other Hairy I've seen and The snout seems on the long side and lips on the small side. Any help appreciated.

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