Welcome to the REEF ID Central Forum!

Anyone can browse our forums but you must be a REEF member and logged in to REEF.org to post.   You will be able to post up to 3 images for a single posting.  Our Fish and Invertebrate Identification Forum should be your first stop on the way to answering “what the heck is that critter I saw?”  Some things to consider when posting a picture to the forum are:  clarity and focus, be sure you can see the mystery critter clearly and distinguish identifying marks, full body shots are best when possible; if not clear in the picture itself, please indicate size of the fish and any behavioral notes that may help in identification; location of the sighting and other dive related information such as depth, time of year, and habitat description (check out http://www.fishbase.org for guidance on habitat use for species or a regional reference guide book). 

Please note that the geographic focus of postings to this forum should be limited to the REEF Volunteer Survey Project regions (coastal areas of North and Central America, the Caribbean, and Hawaii) and the primary taxonomic focus should be on fish and Pacific coast invertebrates.  We will not have official forum moderators.  Our cadre of experienced surveying members and other fish experts will help with identification.

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