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I have been a memeber of REEF for just over 10 years I think (Member 2000).  It has been along time since my last dive and I miss it.  I am in the process of setting up a large scale home marine system (250 Gallon) aquirium and an online saltwater store.  However, I want to enjoy the REEF and what the ocean has to offer in my home but I do not want to support or person or company that removes items from the ocean in an illigal manner.  Does anyone have or know of a supplier / vendor that works in the limitations of the law but more importantly in an ethical manner (AKA it mihgt not be illigal to remove this item but it is morally wrong todo so).  I suppose it all comes down to the fact that I would hate to support a company that goes against what we as REEF member are trying to save just for profit.

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Two things to contribute here:

1) It's a good idea to buy species that are supposed to be where you are... eg. Caribbean blue tang in Florida.

2) The Marine Aquarium Council offers a certification-- The MAC Certification system provides marine aquarium industry
with internationally approved environmental and quality international

I'd suggest you look for MAC certified aqarium bits.

Good luck!

aquarium fish

Having just returned from the REEF project in the Bahamas concerning the nonnative red lionfish which is showing up in increasing numbers, I would encourage aquarium owners to never turn over exotic species to the environment when they are no longer wanted in the aquarium.

It appears that the invasion of Pacific lionfish in the Caribbean is the result of aquarium fish that were released to the wild.

Mary Lou Frost

Thank you!

I don't have anything substantive to add, but I do want to commend you on considering conservation in your purchasing decisions.

An important part of REEF's mission is empowering our members as stewards of the ocean environment. I hope you share your aquarium species search requirements with aquarium friends, vendors, etc to help spread the "contagion" of stewardship.


Leda Cunningham,

Executive Director, REEF

ps-what are you waiting for? Grab a slate and start surveying again!

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