Photos of Dog Snapper Eating Trumpetfish

19.jan.07 049.jpg
19.jan.07 052.jpg

Photos taken 19 January 2007 on Snapper Ledge in Key Largo, Florida in the middle of the afternoon. I was teaching an open water class and had 2 students in the water who saw this on their very first ocean dive.

big stomach?

Makes you wonder how it all fit in its stomach. Nice photos!

Dog vrs. Schoolmaster Snapper

Nice shots! The species of snapper is puzzling, though. It has the pale teardrop under the eye of a Dog Snapper, but the fins are all yellow like a Schoolmaster Snapper. Could this fish be a hybrid?


Kristi Draper

Is it normal to think about diving...all the time?

snapper eating trumpetfish

Fantastic thing to watch!  Were you able to stay until the trunpetfish was all the way down?  Did its progress stomachward slow down or stop at some point?  Did the snapper keep swimming around or hang out in one place? 

Dee Scarr, Touch the Sea

life as usual

neither fish looks too excited about the whole ordeal

WoW i have never seen that in 2 years of diving

WoW i have never seen that in 2 years of diving but dontt forget i still have my hole life but yah i have never see such a thing


Wow... That is kind of weird! I mean, the trumpetfish is long!

thats way nice! out of three

thats way nice! out of three years of diving, i have not seen that before!

how in the world?

how would the snapper digest that?

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