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In October, the REEF Biscayne Bay Park project was held up a whole week because of weather. Rather than adding extra travel, 3 of us stayed in Key Largo and started out snorkling in Florida Bay.  What seemed like second choice became a repeat event. Wow! All three of us added new species to our life lists by exploring two feet deep water! New gobies, dwarf seahorses, several pipefishes, and very new to us, killifishes. Amazing how fast three hours can go when you are finding awesome fish.

We were able to dive off Key Largo before heading back to Biscayne Bay and that gave us a clear insight into the fishing pressure that Biscayne receives from the Miami population. Off Key Largo, we saw lots of barracuda, several grouper, and countless snappers and grunts on every single dive. The reefs at Biscayne Bay offered us NO barracuda, a rare, small grouper, and snapper and grunt could easily be counted, sometimes on one hand! That was the result of over 11 hours in the water! I believe part of the project is to help Biscayne set up reserves with no fishing. The data will truly support that.

thanks Joyce

You're right about Biscayne Bay and hopefully REEF's work this spring will begin the baseline assessment needed to protect some healthy reef areas within the Bay. 

 Were your pics from the bayside of Key Largo on the Doubletree property?  Very nice!


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