Lion Fish Pic in Cays off Abaco Bahamas

Abaco- Lion Fish off Elbow Cay1.jpg

Hello. I was interested in the Lion Fish incursions since I've run into them more and more off Great Guana Cay and others when snorkeling off Abaco. These two pics were posted on the Abaco Message Board as well, taken off two small cays at the southernmost end of Elbow Cay. Here's some comments from the Abaco Message Board; maybe you'd find them interesting: 

1. "There is one that lives in a small Crawfish trap about 20 feet off the end of the Long Dock in Cherokee. I agree with R kill as many as you see. They are a dangerous invasive species, not a native species, in fact they kill the native fish and then overpopulate, not to mention the danger to Humans"

2. "The Dept of Fisheries for The Bahamas has recommended that you spear them and leave them on the seabed."

3. "In August we saw a lion fish off the beach at Treasure and had no tools to use to dispose of it."

4. "Our manager Wellington Pinder has already speared about four of them, from a barge that's sunk one mile off Lubbers. Thier population seems to be growing fast."

5. "One lionfish has staked out a spot in 20' of water outside Boat Harbour for 1+ years"

6. "In the local newsblogs, all visitors and residents are being asked to kill every lion fish you see. They eat juvenile fish that are so important to the local economy. They are not indiginous, they are dangerous and invasive. KILL KILL KILL!!!!!!!!"

7. "I went diving off New Providence last September and saw quite a few Lionfish on the reefs, around the wrecks, and on the walls. The divemasters at Stuart Cove's cite them as an attraction!
I wish it were otherwise, but until a lionfish predator evolves in the Atlantic, I doubt spearing them in the Abacos while the other islands are permitting them to live and breed will have much effect. Australia's had an ongoing war with the crown-of-thorns for years with big dollar expenditures and little headway."

8. "The Departmet of Fisheries covers the WHOLE county--not just Abaco--and that is the Governmental Dept that has called for spearing them and leaving them on the seabed NATIONWIDE!!!!
Of course, they my still keep coming from elsewhere, but it IS a start, right? and it shows that the Bahamian Gvt is aware and making an effort, start at home, fight the good fight and we'll see what develops.".


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