reef locations

Hi, is there a map or GPS coordinates of the reefs listed on the database in the Bahamas anywhere on this site?

Thanks, Ray

reef locations


You won’t find site coordinates on the REEF web site.  There are a number of reasons why coordinates aren’t disseminated.  Some dive operators and researchers provide site coordinates to REEF only if those coordinates remain confidential.   Another reason is that REEF would not want certain sites to be targeted by fish collectors or fishing operations.  The bottom line is that you personally can’t use coordinates to locate sites on the REEF database.  If you have a research effort, I’m sure REEF will try to help you out as much as they can.

There are only general-area maps you can view on the REEF web site (which list four-digit Zone Codes for example).  They won’t show you specific reefs - just what areas the Zone Codes cover.  These maps are designed to help you get to the eight-digit zone code for REEF surveys.  When you get to the eight-digit site tables, it will list all the locations that have survey data.  If you see the name of a reef/site you’re interested in, click the eight-digit code and you’ll get a report on what fish have been seen there.



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Data base map


I want to know if exist a map with the position of the corals in the mexican Caribbean. For research use. Thank´s

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