Unidentified pipefish ... help?


This pipefish was photographed at Blue Heron in West Palm Beach in about 3FSW. It was approximately 5-6" long.

I have looked through all of my books, contacted my friends who are fish ID pros and done an exhaustive online search, but can't seem to find a similar fish.

 I have seen shortfin pipefish at this location before. Could this be a shortfin pipefish displaying a different color pattern?

Please respond here and via email if you can (wpbdiver@gmail.com). Thanks for your help.


I think it is a shortfin

I think it is a shortfin pipefish.  You often see them that dark in Cozumel.



Pipefish ID ...

Thank you. I just received a new ID book in the mail today that has a detailed section on pipefishes and I came to the same conclusion.

Just goes to show that you can't rely on only one ID guide.

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