Snake Eel?

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Found at the Cabanas dive site in the south west part of the island of Utila.

Utila is one of the main 3 Bay Islands in Honduras

 The shot was made close to 5 PM Feb 3rd 2008 ata depth of what had to be less than 5 ft.

Does anyone have the common name and family and species name please.

Sharptail Eel

It appears to be a sharptail eel (Myrichthys breviceps) of the Family Ophichthidae (snake eels)

Here's a Description:  Its body and head are dark olive to gray to purplish-brown with a light underside. The body is covered with pale greenish circular spots, often with yellow centers, while the smaller spots on its head are bright yellow. It is not to be confused with M. ocellatus (goldspotted eel) which has bright yellow body spots ringed with dark brown. The teeth are blunt, front nostrils are tubular, dorsal fin is dusky, and pectoral fins are small. It grows to a length of 3.5 feet. (Note: until 1989 it was known as Myrichthys acuminatus)


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