I spotted 3 of this same species on a divesite called Aquarium on the east side of the island of Utila in Bay islands, Honduras.

The day was thursday jan 7, 2008. and the time of day was noon.

 Although I did not check the line across the eyes, I think it is a Highhat for having a long dorsal fin like that of a drum.

 Also thanks to Diver Dave for helpig me identify the last eel.

Yes, it's a highhat

There are generally four possibilities for a juvinile fish like this - jacknife fish, spotted drum, cubbyu, or highhat.  Noting the pattern on the nose is the best way to ID it.  A profile view makes it a little more challenging. 

The fish in your picture has a very long dorsal fin, so it's NOT a cubbyu.  Jacknife fish and spotted drums usually have a continuous line running along the dorsal fin to the tail and a band running top to bottom through the eye.  This fish shows a different pattern, so it's a highhat.

Diver Dave

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