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Hi, I am a very recent member of REEF but have found plenty of useful information on tank care so far.  I was hoping ya'll could help me with a problem I'm having.  I have a 30gallon tank with live rock and live sand.  It's become obvious that I don't have enough sand focused cleaners in the tank because I'm noticing a brown film on top.  I don't feed excessively, I perform partial changes on schedule, and I have 5 Lg Nessarius snails, 5 Scarlet Hermits, 5 Cerith snails, 2 peppermint shrimp, and a small yellow watchman.  Really the only inhabitants that clean in the sand and I'm wondering what else to put in to stop the build up.  Also I have a ridiculous amount of small feather dusters and what look like tube worms that made their tubes out of my sand then die and leave unsightly tubes EVERYWHERE.  

 Sand sifting stars?

Brittle stars?

Any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated.   

a sand sifting starfish

a sand sifting starfish will help. it's just diatoms building up but some snails will find it to be toxic. the thing I have learned about saltwater tanks is you can never have enough hermit crabs for clean up. and when the algae is gone then the fish will eat the crabs.

when you do water changes try to siphon off the top layer of sand to remove.

sand sifting starfish are great to have anyway. they are quite entertaining. but usually you only want to have one.

also the tank could just be going through a cycle. they tend to have a bit of a schedule. more algae, less algae, coral growth, etc. it all seems to follow cycles. maybe cut back the light an hour or two will help too.

good luck.


Use a small side tank to feed them in and dump that water out. That way your primary tank doesn't get silty. PEASE. J.Stubbs

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