Is this a permit?


Two fish like this, swimming together, today, at Molasses Reef, in about 25 feet of water. Each fish about two feet in length.

Yes, most definitely a permit!

nice shot of a permit at Molasses Reef.  - Christy, REEF Director of Science

Thank you

I know some fish with certainty, and some I am pretty sure of, but on this one, I needed confirmation.  Thank you very much.  It is all education.


Permit me...


Yes, definately a permit. They seem to be happy in a variety of different ocean habitats. I've seen one as shallow as 3 FSW in the CocoView Shallows grass beds off Roatan and as deep as 75 FSW on a wreck off St Maarten.

Kristi Draper

Is it normal to think about diving...all the time?

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