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On some level, I just assume any shark at Molasses Reef is a nurse shark.  This one isn't.  Do you know what species it is?  Is it a reef shark?  I would guess its length at about four feet.

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Shark ID

We dove on Molasses Reef (North Star) on April 24th afternoon. I believe my buddy and I spotted this shark. It was not very clear to me which species it was at first glance but my buddy said it was a blacktip. But looking into your picture and at the book; blacktips have a pale anal fin and at your picture it looks like the anal fin is dark…I particularly don’t remember the color of the anal fin but I did notice a very pointy snout and an approximate size of 1.5 meters. Maybe is a spinner shark or more likely a reef shark…Anyone?

I'm not positive but my

I'm not positive but my guess would be a Caribbean Reef
Shark. Look at pictures of ‘em on Google and you will see much simularity between them and the one you caught on camera.

It is a Caribbean reef

It is a Caribbean reef shark. 

 Andy Dehart

General Manager

National Aquarium in Washington, D.C.

REEF Board of Trustees

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