Emblemariopsis bahamensis or bottomei


If I want to fill in a blackhead blenny on the fish ID form it's impossible? But is this a blackhead blenny (Emblemariopsis bahamensis)? 



Emblemariopsis bahamensis or bottomei

I think it's a redspine blenny
(Emblemariopsis occidental)

nice photo!

I don't see short cirrus

I don't see short cirrus over each eye in the photo.  If there aren't any, then it's not a redspine.  It could be a blackhead or even a glass, but I can't say for sure.  Perhaps someone else can see enough detail to make a definitive call.  Sorry.  It's a pretty good photo though.


Diver Dave


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which blenny?


As Diver Dave correctly points out, without an orbital cirrus it can't be a spikefin. The overhead angle obscures whether or not there is a "spike" at the front of the dorsal fin. If there is a spike then it's a glass blenny. If there isn't a spike, it's either a shorthead, seafan, or blackhead (all in the genus Emblemariopsis). Distinguishing between the latter three in the field is extremely difficult.

Les Wilk

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