Sea Bass, Basslet or Parrot fish??? ID help

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I saw these two fish together in Little Cayman last week in about 10 feet of water near the iron shore. I have been unable to ID them, variously convincing myself they are bucktooth parrot fish, lantern bass, pygmy sea bass. Any ideas?


Well parrotfish tend not to sit on the bottom.  May I ask what book you are using?

I'm actually thinking along the blenny family. Do you remember if that have cirrus (antennae like things above the eyes)?  In the bottom picture it looks like there is a dark spot on the operculum which leads me to think Hairy blenny.  Here is the description: Large, often ocellated spot on opercle. Scales small- more than 60 in lateral line. Body variously colored and patterned-males more uniformly patterned and often with a rosy tint.  Size to 23 cm (9in).   At least 7 soft rays in rear of dorsal fin.  Occur from rocky and rubbly shores with algal mats to reefs and seagrass beds.



Hi there - they look like Juvenile Redband Parrotfish!

I've been using both the

I've been using both the print version of the Human/DeLoach book and the new CD version. I've also done some web search.

Hmmm. Juvenile Redband looks the closest to the picture in the book and the several pictures on the CD.



There were no cirri (?

There were no cirri (? plural) above their eyes. None that I recall.



I have seen this phase of

I have seen this phase of the redband parrotfish often.  Juveniles will rest close the bottom more often than adults.  The important mark is the presence of the white spot on the saddle of it's tail base.  All phases of the redband have this except the terminal phase.

doesnt have the blenny

doesnt have the blenny face.

looks like a parrotfish to me too.

I see them all the time here in grand cayman too.


Looks like a baby redband parrot to me too. They tend to hug the rocks near shore here in south FL.

Picture clarity

The picture seems a little bit unclear to me, i cannot guess it out clearly. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks
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