Filefish? in Pompano Beach Florida


Posted this on Scubaboard and was told perhaps someone here would know what this is. 


 Fish was about 18 inches long. We found him on our night dive. After I shot 2 pictures of him (with flash of course) he headed straight for me and continued to be aggressive toward me for about a minute, til I was finally able to "push" him away with my fin. The rest of the dive he was continually in sight of one of the 5 of us (could usually see him in someone's light). The action reminded me of a trigger fish but I'm sure he is not a trigger. In my 250 dives I have never seen this color variation - though I thought that perhaps being at night might be a reason for the odd colors.  We were in about 40 feet of water on a reef.


Curious to see what your opinions are. 



Orange Filefish

It looks like an orange filefish.  Usually they are pretty shy.

That's what some have said

That's what some have said but there were conflicts

And this one was anything but shy!

Looking at the SCUBA BOARD

Looking at the SCUBA BOARD thread, it appears that there was only one individual who is providing other ID options.  His suggestions of either an Ocean Trigegrfish or a Planehead Filefish shouldn't give you confidence that he can identify this fish - those two species are VERY different from each other and also the fish pictured.  I won't say 100% that the pictured fish is an Orange Filefish, but it certainly looks like one. I'm open to hearing from others with a different take on it.



Good point - thanks

Good point - thanks

Orange Filefish

Dave is right this is an Orange Filefish-Aluterus schoefpii.  Most likely to be seen on a night dive.

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