Spotted Moray Eel feeding frenzy

Not so long ago on a night dive I followed a spotted Moray Eel hunting along the seafloor, the eel came at a stop not far from where a smaller spotted moray was hiding inside some wreckage pieces. The question raised of course was if a spotted moray eel would eat another moray eel and every time the bigger eel made an attempt to get in the smaller would block the entrance by opening it's mouth. I thought I would never get the answer as the divers I was guiding came to have a look at what was going on and disturbed the bigger eel.

A couple of weeks later I did get my answer on a dive in the morning around 11:00 H when I found a spotted Moray eel swimming freely. We followed it and on the other side of this wreckage piece we saw it go over we found it and another spotted eel showed up. This one was a lot smaller. All of a sudden the big one cornered the small one grabbed it and pulled it through a figure eight as they would do with a larger prey. When all this turmoil was going on two other spotted morays appeared and hang around the small eel actually escaped with a big part of its tail bitten of, when the attacker started searching for it biting at everything in it's way it even swam up a diver that was just hovering above the seen. Now another spotted morays showed up and unbelievable the small one came out again to quickly disappear in the wreckage pieces. of the 45 min dive we spent 30 minutes watching all this unfold in front of us. An unforgettable experience.


Jerry van Daalen

Aruba Dutch Caribbean

Hoi Jerry,Nog steeds

Hoi Jerry,

Nog steeds fanatiek aan het duiken.

Wij zijn wel  jaloers hoor, Nederland is toch wel een beetje saai zonder zo'n mooie zee als in Aruba.

Wel apart zulke kannibalistische eels, was dit toevalige bij de Antilla?

Gaat ook alles goed met Dunja en de kleine.

Groetjes Rob en Nathalie

Spotted Moray vs Spotted Moray

Last month a group of us witnessed the same behavior here in Bonaire on a shore dive at Salt Pier.  It was the beginning of the dive in shallow waters.  We saw the larger eel had the smaller eel pinned inside a coral head attacking it.  The smaller eel finally escaped but unfortunately its injuries were to severe and it would soon die.  

Losing its prey, the larger eel began snapping at anything in its way including divers!  A very strange behavior indeed that I was unaware of until now.


Bonaire NA

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