Rogest Lionfish Print - Limited Edition


REEF friend and world famous painter, diver and character extraordinaire, Ron Steven (aka Rogest), has offered a limited edition version of his lionfish print as a vehicle to focus attention on the huge problem of invading Pacific Lionfish in Caribbean and Atlantic Waters. Ron has customized this print, using the REEF logo as well as the REEF Tag Line, in hopes that he can help REEF raise money to support continued research, set up management protocols and seek solutions to address this critical environmental issue.

Ron’s motto - Let’s get people to “Think locally and act locally". So this is your chance to support REEF's Lionfish Project and get some cool art work at the same time.

Limited Edition, 200 prints available. 100% of the proceeds to benefit the REEF Lionfish Research Program.

The print has an outside size of 18x13 inches.

Price: $19.95
Design by Joanne Kidd, development by Ben Weintraub