Snake Eel? Caribbean - St. Maarten snorkeling


I saw this while snorkeling off of a beach in St. Maarten in the Caribbean. I have learned that sea snakes do not exist in the Caribbean, so is this a snake eel?

You found a goldspotted eel

You found a goldspotted eel (Myrichthys ocellatus) - a snake eel.  Nice find, I think they're cool looking.



Goldspotted Eel. Nice

Goldspotted Eel. Nice find!

A snake eel is a different eel entirely, they rest mostly under the sand, with only their heads exposed during the day, and forage at night.

Snake eels

As I understand it, snake eel is actually the family name: Snake eels are a group of eels such as the Goldspotted (which is the one in this pic), the Spotted, the Sharptail, the Key Worm, etc.

I think "boates" is referring to the Spotted Snake Eel.

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