Bamboo Shark images needed

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REEF is working with NOAA and the USGS on a field guide to non-native species in Florida and we are having trouble finding good images for the brownbanded bambooshark (Chiloscyllium punctatutum).  These sharks are native to the Indo-Asian Pacific, but have been sighted in SE Florida.  We are looking for both adult and juvenile images as these lifestages look quite different.


If anyone has, or knows of someone who has, an image they would  like to donate, we'd love to hear from you!  Drop me a note at


Thanks and Best Fishes!



Bamboo shark

Val Kells

There are multiple images posted on the Florida Museum of Natural History website. Perhaps an  enquiry would do? Here is the link:

Also, there are many images posted on the net by professional who may be willing to donate. Good luck!

Bamboo Shark Photos

Ron Silver

The website coralrealm ( has photos of the subject shark posted.  The driving force behind that website, Scott Michael, is a shark expert and I'm sure would be happy to furnish you additional phtos.

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