Sponge cardinalfish - Phaeoptyx xenus


My name is Val Kells. I am writing and illustrating a new book for Johns Hopkins University Press. It will be fully illustrated, in color, and will cover all the fishes of the western Atlantic from Maine to Texas to about 200 meters depth. I am in need of several photographs to use solely as reference. Any contributions will be gladly ackowledged in our book.

My coauthor and I have been unable to locate clear, full side-view photos of living Sponge cardinalfish, Phaeoptyx xenus. The Reefnet DVD is very helpful, but to pull off a truly accurate illustration, we need more information in the form of photos.

Would anybody have any? Would any one be willing to share? If so, please let me know via this forum. Or, you could email photos via my website: www.valkellsillustration.com

Any help would be greatly appreciated. - Val Kells

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