unknown Butterflyfish

unknown butterflyfisk.jpg


I took this picture from a butterflyfish, but I can't identify it.

Is it Foureye Butterflyfih, a Spotfin Butterflyfish or a mix of them?

There is two spots on the back (one of each butterflyfish).

I pictured it in Roatan-Honduras, last october.


Thank you,


It's a Spotfin

Somewhere between juvenile & adult. The "spotfin" name comes from the small black spot at the back edge of the dorsal fin. The large, dark, dorsal-fin spot & dark mid-body band usually fade away but some never lose the big spot. All fins should become bright yellow at adulthood.

The foureye's spot is ringed in white and is located on its body, just below the dorsal fin and in front of the base of the tail.

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