We spotted this fellow at about 18 feet in a sandy patch next to the rocky reef at Refugio  Beach.  I would guess snubnose but the nose is a little long, as is the tail.  The dorsal fin seems to begin pretty far back.  Suggestions?


Hey carl,

It looks to me like a Pygmy Poacher, its hard to see if there is a pit behind the head in the photo.  Mike


Check out that blow dart....

Hi Carl (and Mike too)

Hope you're doing well. I agree with Mike on this baby - sure looks like a Pygmy Poacher to me too. You can see the little whisker under it's chin.

(Shhh! It's really a blowdart that Pygmys use in hunting rituals - at least that's what Claude says...) :D

Here's a link to another picture of one:

- Janna :)

Janna Nichols
Washington State
PADI Instructor
REEF Marine ID Instructor
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Where is refugio beach?

Where is refugio beach?

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