Shark ID help needed


Hello all, 

I saw this shark while snorkeling off Glover's reef atoll in Belize.  I got a terrible picture unfortunately, but it's really all I have to go on at this point.  The guide I was with said it was a reef shark, but I'm not sure because of the very large second dorsal fin.  I know it's possible the picture isn't enough to go on, but I'm hoping  someone familiar with sharks might have a good idea.  Thanks!



The second dorsal fin on the

The second dorsal fin on the shark appears to be rather large which suggests it might be a lemon shark.

Yes, I was thinking along

Yes, I was thinking along the same lines as Dave. Most possibly a Lemon Shark -- only alternative I know with 2 large dorsal fins is the Sand Tiger. Didn't check Belize database for sighting frequencies on these & that exercise may or may not be helpful...

I checked the distribution

I checked the distribution reports.  The sharks seen on Glover's Reef are: Lemon, Bull, Reef, Nurse and Blacktip.  The sand tiger isn't typically seen in the caribbean.  The other thing from the picture is it seems the front dorsal fin is ahead of the pectoral fins.  Either that or I'm missing the pectoral fins completely.  I agree with you both though and believe it was a lemon shark that I saw.  

shark id help needed

Looks like a lemon shark to me. I've seen several on previous dives from N. Fla to the Bahamas and Carib.

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