Unkown Fish


Does anyone know what kind of fish this is(Very well hidden bottom middle of the photo) i  didnt even know it was in the photo untile i printed it out

What part of the world was

What part of the world was the picture taken? And at what depth?

It was Taken  on Bari Reef

It was Taken  on Bari Reef off Bonaire at about 40-50 feet

Reef Scorpionfish

Looks like a juvenile reef scorpionfish hanging upside down.

Perhaps a Blenny or a Goby

Seems to me a like a Rusty Goby (Priolepis hipoliti) or maybe some kind of juvenile Blenny genus Starksia...


I second the juvenile scorpionfish- it has a prominent long dorsal fin with big spines, so not a goby, it has cirrhi coming off its face too- juvenile scorpionfish... 



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