Seawater Desalination Plant Project problems with "Concentrate" or brine back into the ocean.

I am involved in a new major Seawater Desalination Plant Project here in Florida.  Does any one here have any info on major environmental issues for seawater desalination management of the discharge of membrane "concentrate" or brine back into the ocean.

  Tampa Bay Water, the


Tampa Bay Water, the potable water supplier for Hillsborough\Pinellas and surrounding areas, operates some desal plants and has proposed others.  They should have reams and reams of data.  The SWFWMD should also have lots of data as they would be a permitting agency for any such plants.

Effect of brines on ocean environments

Oil field operations (both on and off shore) have dumped huge amounts of oil contaminated brines at sea for many years.  I have yet to see any well documented literature on their undoubtedly negative effects. 

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